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  1. I can't figure out what his problem is, I mean seriously Calvin Johnson and Miles Austin! They are both good but they both need to do what Warren Fatt said Roddy needed to do, which is "They need to keep on climbing". Roddy has spent the last 3 years near the top of the mountain, right now he is on top of the mountain looking down on everyone else.
  2. I mentioned a couple days ago, in another Grimes thread that since the last 4 games of last season, Grimes is playing as good or better than Revis or any other cb in the league
  3. I believe it was legal hit based on the video and the actual rule. First, this excerpt from the rule book (Rule 12, Section 2, Article 8h): If a receiver has completed a catch and has not had time to protect himself, a defensive player is prohibited from launching (spring forward and upward) into him in a way that causes the defensive player's helmet, facemask, shoulder, or forearm to forcibly strike the receiver's head or neck area -- even if the initial contact of the defender's helmet, facemask, shoulder or forearm is lower than the receiver's neck. Now watch the video and look for the launch, he lowered his shoulder and did not launch My link
  4. That's a great idea but they shouldn't be just any generic stick. They need to be replicas of the actual stick that Roddy has in his possession.
  5. Supes' volunteered to do the HSA artwork for free but was told that the HSA was being dropped as well.
  6. This is what he had to say in another thread about this. He said "It was evident to me that the shirt that fired me connected me directly with the HSA which, in all fairness, is my baby along with karst41. He may have tossed the baby out with the bathwater, but that's on him. I told him that I would like to continue to do the artwork for the HSA. He told me that they would not be purchasing any more cartoons. I told him that the artwork for the HSA has always been and will always be on me, a freebie, and that I would like to continue to do it. he finally responded; "We will not be doing that anymore." I'll tell y'all what I really think. I happen to know that this person had to approve the HSA to begin with for it to have become "official" to begin with, but yesterday, I swear, he didn't seem to know a dam thing about it or where it came from for that matter. I literally had to educate him, only to have him say the aforementioned: "We will not be doing that anymore."
  7. How do you clear the cache on Firefox because it's correct on IE
  8. I'm with you on this. I don't really follow college ball to much and when we drafted Roddy I read up on him a little and learned that he led the nation in receiving and was state champion in wrestling. I thought that was really impressive and was excited to see what he was gonna look like on the field. When I saw him play and saw the speed and separation he was getting and I thought he had the potential to be great. There were a couple of games in his second year that made me question myself a little bit, but shortly into his third year I started seeing his game emerging and he became my favorite falcon that year (Kerney was my favorite). He showed he was who I thought he was. I believe he will lead the league in receiving at least once in his career and it might possibly be this year.
  9. I have a pc and I've tried doing what you said but every I add the picture to but everytime I click save changes it goes right back to Roddy
  10. Deion also stated on NFL network after the Bengals game that he ranked Roddy at #10 in the league, but Roddy made him look like a fool with that ranking.
  11. :ph34r::He clearly hasn't watched a Falcon game in a while, if he did watch then he's clearly nuts :wacko:
  12. In my opinion Smith is the best coach in the 20 years I've been a fan. The entire organization is the best it's ever been. From owner, gm, hc, coaching staff, website, Jay Adams keeping TATF up to date on things, and Niki Noto looking great in interviews. It's a great time to be a falcon Fan!
  13. I'm just gonna say it even though I'm sure some will think I'm crazy. Brent Grimes, since the last 4 games of last season through now, has been every bit as good as Revis or any other corner in the NFL. He's the most overlooked talent at the position in the NFL. The good thing about it is as long as the Falcons keep winning and make some noise in the playoffs, the time will come when everyone recognizes that Grimes is an elite corner that shuts down whoever he's lined up against.
  14. Not really. He had possession and took two steps
  15. It was a fumble and it was a huge blown call
  16. MM surprised me today with his playcalling. He did a nice job mixing things up and being more aggressive. It helped the running game. I just hope MM realizes he can't drift back into the role of Mr. Predictable playcaller and expect to have a running game. He needs to keep it up consistently.
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