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  1. That's a great article about Roddy, even better than the one I posted several days ago about him, and the one I posted was one of the better ones. But this is the best one I've seen. Good job
  2. I've been watching Falcon football for a long time. I remember when we were in the same division as the 49er's and facing Montana and Rice twice a year and I hated them. But they are the two greatest players ever to play. And now watching Ryan picking teams apart by throwing to Roddy it reminds me of Montana to Rice. I've seen a lot of great combination's over the years Manning to Harrison, Manning to Wayne, Warner to Holt, etc... yet I still still believe Ryan to White reminds me of Montana to Rice more so than any other combo. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they're as good as the two greatest players ever, but there are a lot of similarities and that can't be bad thing. I do believe Matt and Roddy will terrorize the league for a long time and have a championship or two in them.
  3. That's kind of what I was thinking. I've read so many similar articles but it stood out a little bit from some of the others.
  4. Fear of Failure, and Mother, Motivated Falcons’ Star Receiver <h1 class="articleHeadline">Fear of Failure, and Mother, Motivated Falcons’ Star Reciever</h1>FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. — Five games into the 2006 season, Joenethia White answered the phone at her home in James Island, S.C., and heard the shamed voice of her son, Roddy. “I’m about to be the third receiver,” he said. “I lost my starting position.” A first-round draft pick by the Atlanta Falcons in 2005, White seemed to know the routes to the nightclubs and bars better than he knew the routes he was supposed to run in practices and in games. Tired of his act, the Falcons benched him. A first-round draft pick by the Atlanta Falcons in 2005, White seemed to know the routes to the nightclubs and bars better than he knew the routes he was supposed to run in practices and in games. Tired of his act, the Falcons benched him. It was White’s wake-up call, so to speak. He did not want his mother stomping into town. “No, no, don’t do that, I got this,” he said. With the help of the former Atlanta receivers coach Paul Petrino, a new work ethic and his mother’s threat, White drastically turned his career around. He went from 30 catches in 2006 to 83 catches in 2007. He became the first receiver in Falcons history to have three consecutive seasons of at least 80 catches and 1,100 yards (from 2007 to 2009). This season, White, 29, leads the N.F.L. in receptions with 70, and is on pace to easily pass his career high, 88, as the Falcons (7-2) sit atop the N.F.C. A two-time Pro Bowl player, White has climbed out of the rookie trap he fell into after he was drafted out of Alabama-Birmingham as the 27th pick over all pick in 2005. With money for the first time, he strayed to the nightclubs and bars in Buckhead and the west side of Atlanta. “Too many bars, too many women,” his mother said. Frequently, White said, his nights would end at 4 a.m. Instead of going home and risk missing morning meetings, White would drive to the Falcons’ facility and sleep in the players’ lounge. When he woke up, he would sit in a steam bath to rid his body of the toxins from the night out. After struggling in his first two seasons, White was ridiculed for dropped passes and labeled as a bust-in-progress. “It kind of scared me, especially my second year when I didn’t start anymore,” he said. “I needed to get my act together because they might cut me. “I was mentally out of football at that point. Every day, I showed up at the facility and just walked around, basically didn’t want to do anything. I was just here.” Then the Falcons fired Coach Jim Mora and hired Bobby Petrino, who brought in his brother, Paul, as the receivers coach. “Bobby and Paul, they was like, ‘You’re going to be the guy, don’t worry about what other people say,’ ” White said. “ ‘We’re starting over, so you’ve got to get yourself ready.’ ” In the first minicamp in May 2007, Bobby Petrino yelled for the starters to get on the field. White stayed where he was. Paul Petrino said: “What are you doing? Get in there.” White said he was relieved. “I was back where I wanted to be,” he said. “He got on my butt every day. He said you need to outwork everybody. I tried to win every drill.” Paul Petrino said that when he first worked with White, he was rolling into his routes and not planting his foot and making firm cuts. His routes were not precise, so if the quarterback threw an accurate pass, White was out of position to make the catch. “He dropped passes, and they said he had bad hands, but that wasn’t the case,” said Petrino, who is now the offensive coordinator at Illinois. “He was just not in the right position to catch the pass. He worked hard to correct his footwork.” White, a two-time state wrestling champion in high school, learned how to better use his powerful hands to get a release off the line of scrimmage from the bump-and-run tactics of cornerbacks. The Falcons started throwing more balls to White in practice, building his confidence. Petrino, who had come to the Falcons from the University of Louisville, also treated White like a college player. He stayed in touch with White, even after hours, and if he heard White was out carousing, Petrino would send a simple text message, “Get your butt home.” Darrell Hackney, White’s best friend and his U.A.B. quarterback, said White’s first two seasons were a struggle because of the change in lifestyle and the pressures of being a first-round pick. “You know what they say, more money more problems, and that was that,” said Hackney, who lives in Atlanta. “Those first two years, there was a lot of pressure. When he dropped passes, it was eating at him. He’s figured it out now. “There are times I try to call him now in the off-season to go have lunch and he’ll say, ‘Can’t do it, me and Matt Ryan are about to hit the field.’ ” Pat Sullivan, White’s offensive coordinator at U.A.B. and now the coach at Samford University, took his team here on the way to a road game to have White speak to the players. “I had heard about the first couple of years in Atlanta and how he had trouble getting on track,” said Sullivan, the 1971 Heisman Trophy winner at Auburn. “Now he has the bit in his mouth and wants to succeed. He has matured so much. The way he talked to our team and about priorities showed how far he has come the last couple of years.” White has three children, who are 5, 4, and 1. His mother said that has calmed him down, but he also knows she is just four hours away and knows the way to Atlanta. She comes to most home games with White’s grandmother and great-grandmother, all three wearing White’s No. 84 jersey. “I’m so proud of him,” Joenethia White said. She hesitated for a moment and then chuckled, “I knew he didn’t want me coming down there.”
  5. If a play gets positive yardage on 1st or 2nd down it;s not a wasted down.
  6. I heard Smitty say that he the changed personnel and scheme a little bit.
  7. I started watching in 90, it was Jerry Glanville's first year as head coach.
  8. I think Grimes has been playing great this year and getting Spoon back is going to help.
  9. He's the best thing to ever happen for this franchise
  10. Truthfully I was a little worried about the Ravens killing the clock but when they scored with 1:05 still on the clock I expected the offense to pull it out. Even when it was third and long I thought about the Chicago win and then it was deja vu when they called and executed the same play. During the replay was the only time I got nervous because you never really know how it will be ruled. I have come to expect them to win in just about any situation.
  11. I agree with you 100%. Before the Eagles game I was really disappointed with MM playcalling, during that game I wanted to vomit. The coaching and planning overall were bad but MM was some of the worst I've ever seen in 20 years. That seems like it was a turning point and a wake up call to the coaching staff and the players as well. And I also believe ST is our biggest weakness by far. I sure hope they continue to improve as well.
  12. I lost my sister to cancer last week. It's a very difficult thing to be facing the possible loss of a family member and my heart goes out to you. Times like this is when family is so important. We actually had the service Thursday but my brother-in-law, my nephew, and myself watched the game that night together as we have been fans for many years. I started watching the Falcons 20 years ago with my nephew and we've been diehard fans since then. So getting to watch the game with them Thursday night was kind of a special moment. I know what you are going through and I hope things work out for the better. Stay strong and spend as much time with family as possible and everything will be fine.
  13. Woodson is worse than Dukes. He ranked the top 4 teams as Pittsburgh, NY Giants, Green Bay, and Baltimore. How in the h*** do you rank the Ravens above the Falcons after we just beat them? :blink:
  14. I've had Game Rewind since July or August and I'll probably renew. It works pretty well and the only downside of it is having to wait till after midnight for the games to be posted.
  15. The defense gave up less than 200 yards and people complain. The secondary played well even though Dunta gave up his first touchdown of the season.
  16. Special teams is the reason the game was close. On the on-side attempt it was their kicker who caused the Falcons to get the ball, it was nothing that we did. ST has got to improve in a significant way. It was a great win in spite of horrible play by ST, and they have been bad in every game.
  17. Mary should be legalized for recreational purposes but more importantly, for it's medical value. For those who don't realize it it's been a "miracle" plant, for medical purposes, for at least 5000 years. There are studies that show THC cures many types of cancer. It you would like more info research it but to get you started here is a link to a great video.
  18. He's playing like a top 10 safety but he hasn't played enough to be a top 10 safety. Give him more time to prove his and improve his consistency.
  19. I saw that a few days ago and thought it was great. It's a shame weed is a criminal offense and since Reagan someone can literally do life without parole. My first time
  20. I burn every chance I get but I was kinda scared to that first time. Here's my story. My first time burning :wacko:
  21. what else would you expect from an elite, top 5 receiver in the league.
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