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  1. Thats awesome. I wish it could be made into a short video
  2. That was great Who was the special guest? She's easy on the eyes :P
  3. I think the Seahawks game was the first complete game we've played and I say that because I think it was the first time that the offense, defense, and ST all performed well without any breakdowns. The overall play could have been better from the offense, but there were no big plays given up by defense or ST. And as always, they played the game for 60 minutes. I even heard Smitty say he thought the team was just starting to hit its stride. I think Smitty is right, we are about to start playing our best football and its coming at the right time.
  4. Ryan threw on his Matty Ice cape and guided the Falcons to victory. Great line by DLed.
  5. Matt Ryan is simply getting it done and the entire team is stepping up week after week. It's Ryan's turn to tote the Hick'ry Stick.
  6. NFL Rewind is a good way to go. Definitely worth the money.
  7. Like the cowgirls, bengals, and vikings? There are teams more talented than the Falcons that just can't measure up on the field. The Falcons are the model of excellent coaching. Talent doesn't mean much without coaching.
  8. You can't really say "they" because it was Rod Woodson making those comments. He actually called Jamie Dukes a homer. I remember him saying the Ravens were better the day after we beat them. It's just really shows how stupid he is when we beat two different teams head-to-head and he still says they are better than us. :blink: WTF I used to be a fan of Woodson but now I consider the dirt on my shoes to be smarter than him. I honestly have to wonder if he isn't borderline ********. He has the nerve to say that if Rodgers didn't fumble and that 4th down play would have been reviewed the Packers would have won. Well news flash Mr. Woodson, if the Packers could have stopped the game winning drive they would have won. But they didn't stop them. They let them get in field goal range and Bryant won it. He also said Green Bay had the most complete team in the NFL. Again, WTF. Yeah, ok. If they make the playoffs we'll see how well the most complete team does without anything resembling a running game. Complete my a**. Woodson is a fool.
  9. I personally think that we struggled early because of play calling. After the Eagles game, Smith basically called out the coaches (himself included), and since that lose the offense has been elite. Needless to say, but play calling has improved, thereby allowing the players to perform with a rhythm. It's a slow and methodic rhythm, but rhythm none the less. It's elite rhythm.
  10. How about elite 1st and 3rd down efficiency? How about elite time of possession? How about elite comeback ability? How about scoring more than the other team 9 of 11 games? It's an elite offense. Elite.
  11. Thanks for the link, I just watched it and it made me kinda mad, especially Bayless. And then I thought about the 2 games against the Ravens and the Packers and how I felt near the end of both games. In both games we lost the lead very late, but in both instances I felt they left us to much time on the clock and didn't worry (or as Smitty would say, I didn't blink). I knew we would win both those games when we got the ball back. I've seen it so many times that I just expect the magic to happen and it does. This team is dangerous and will be for a long time. Or it could just be that I've been hypnotized by Smitty with the process and he has me under the same spell that he has on the team. :wacko:
  12. I think Smitty realized after the Eagles loss that something had to change and kinda called the coaches out after that game himself included. They have made very noticeable changes for the better since that game.
  13. My link When a football team wins, you can usually point to the quarterback, and he'll probably be having a good season. The Atlanta Falcons are 8-2, and the quarterback is having a great season. Matt Ryan is now being compared to some of the best quarterbacks in the game. That will happen when a quarterback has led his team to the best record in the conference. The third-year pro continues to get better each and every week. The more he plays, the more he looks like he may be the next Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. The Falcons are learning how to win with each victory. It seems like each one is a different kind of victory. The one Sunday against the Rams was about putting the opponent away. Two weeks ago against Baltimore, it was a late comeback with just more than a minute left in the game. And Ryan was at the center of both victories. It's his control of the offense that is most impressive. This Atlanta team is under control. This is Ryan's team, and much like the Patriots for the past decade, they simply go out and win ballgames in a controlled way that makes you think this team could be special. They have a professional swagger that is not guided by loud-mouth players like a Deion Sanders or DeAngelo Hall or even a coach wearing a cowboy hat who leaves tickets for Elvis. The team is led by players who have taken on the attitude of the head coach, Mike Smith, and the quarterback. Most of the time the former quarterback (no, not Joey Harrington), Michael Vick, was not under control. Vick was always scrambling -- turns out on and off the field. The Falcons lacked control and were somewhat scattered. Perhaps you could also put some of the blame on former head coach Jim Mora, who was more like a teammate and one of the guys than a head coach. Vick is obviously a different quarterback now, and he deserves credit for that. It's obvious he's much more well-rounded than he was in Atlanta. He's not just running around all the time. Instead, Vick is calmer and leading the Philadelphia offense like most hoped he would with the Falcons. There is a confidence when fans watch Ryan that he's going to get the job done. Take the Baltimore game. With 65 seconds left, the old Falcons would have been done. But these Falcons still had a legitimate chance with Ryan at the helm. He calmly led the team down the field, and instead of simply setting up for a game-winning field goal, Ryan threw a touchdown pass to win. It was Brady-like, really. There wasn't a panic or even a rush. It was controlled, like everything else Ryan seems to do. It doesn't mean Ryan is going to be perfect. He's still going to make mistakes. But like Brady and Manning, Ryan is always going to give the Falcons a legit chance. The Falcons are one more win away from a third consecutive winning season, something that seems like a dream to old-time fans of this franchise. There is no doubt that Smith and general manager Thomas Dimitroff, who has brought part of that Patriots magic with him from New England, deserve a ton of credit. But the other part of the trio that defines this new era is the quarterback. If the Falcons don't win a Super Bowl under Ryan at some point in the future, they may never win. This is their Manning, their Brady. And he might even give them a shot this season. Listen to The Bill Shanks Show from 3-6 p.m. weekdays on WPLA Fox Sports 1670 AM and online at www.foxsports1670.com. Read more: http://www.macon.com...l#ixzz16FN9stEs
  14. 2009 was a great year despite not making the playoffs. Breaking a 44 year old curse that's been hovering over this team. If I'm not mistaken Pittsburgh went 40 years without b2b winning seasons. Since then they have been arguably the best in the NFL. How many titles do they have now? I lost count. This feels like a team on it's way to being dominant for years to come.
  15. That's actually a really good power ranking. I can't argue against any teams ranking.
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