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  1. Absolutely horrible officiating so far. That's 2 absolutely horrible calls.
  2. I forgot about that little incident. That was some TLC that Rison could've done without!
  3. And that makes it that much sweeter, Roddy will most likely retire as Falcon at whoch point he would have my vote as the best player in franchise history.
  4. I just realized that Roddy should reach 10,000 career receiving yards this season. He now has 9,436 yards. The only other Falcon receiver to accomplish that was Andre Rison with 10,205 yards. For Roddy that's 564 more to 10.000 and 770 more to pass Andre Rison. He should accomplish that this season. I know it's a little premature, but congratulations to Roddy White.
  5. 9/11 was an inside job and George Bush had a role to play. But it wasn't his idea. Presidents are nothing more than puppets.
  6. How about his Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/nflcommish
  7. Is Collingsworth gonna cry when the Aints lose? He sounds like a man in love.
  8. John Abraham is a top 5 DE, probably top 3. Lombardi is straight up stupid. Jared Allen doesn't compare to Abraham, but Freeney does compare with him. Anyone to stupid to realize that shouldn't even be allowed to write an article.
  9. Can't decide between Scott Case, Jessie Tuggle, or Roddy White. Case was feared throughout league because he could take the head off a person. Tuggle played his entire career in Atlanta and was consistently one of the best linebackers in the league. And I've been a fan of Roddy since we drafted him.
  10. Will someone please explain what Calvin Johnson has done to make him a top 5 receiver? It isn't enough to be a top 5 talent without actually performing at a top 5 level. Which he hasn't done as of yet in his NFL career. He is perceived as a top 5 receiver without actually backing it up with numbers or performance. If I'm wrong then tell me.
  11. NFL Rewind on NFL.com it costs about $40-$50. The only real negative is you can't view games live, you have to wait a few hours. But the quality is good. It's well worth the cost.
  12. I've been using it for a few months and I love it but I also have Firefox 64bit installed but I never use it because the message boards suck with ads and sidebar stuff. So now I'm waiting for a version thats compatible with a 64bit browser. That would be great.
  13. Since '98 back in the day when Jamal Anderson was posting as juggernaut32
  14. I feel the same way. The loss hurt and still does. But we are now a team that should be one of the best in the NFL for years to come.
  15. I remember the talk about the shirts, and there was a controversy about it. I don't know, maybe they were selling the shirts or something. I don't remember the details of something that happened 12 years ago. I just remember being really mad about whatever happened with the shirts.
  16. I don't remember that but I do remember that the Vikings had "98' NFC Champions" shirts made before the game was played. And that is what I call lack of respect.
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