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  1. Did Quinn just call 2 timeouts on behalf of the packers? SMH.
  2. I posted a topic and it disappeared after a few minutes. Is anyone else having this problem?
  3. It's really amazing how many receivers have been so wide open this season. How is it possible to happen over and over and over again. Every game.
  4. DQ just gave up. Putting Shuab in was the end of Quinn's career as Falcons coach. He literally said "Here is my resignation, I quit." Screw Quinn
  5. He just put in Matt Shaub. He Judy said "I quit." F you DQ.
  6. Honestly that's the 4th offsides I've seen not flagged.
  7. Two plays in a row bucs were offsides. Second one led to a sack.
  8. Based on the last two games, this team is unstoppable. Allowing 12 points in two games with no touchdowns is sort bowel caliber football. That was two good teams by the way.
  9. Trying to understand that is the equivalent of asking, "What is the meaning of life?"
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