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  1. Is Mash STILL being a little beyitch about all this? C'mon Mash.
  2. hobjob ninja vanished so suddenly you'd barely even notice he was trying to shape his persona as that of an objective fan. OH WELL.
  3. Another big thread about you know what. It just doesn't seem productive...
  4. Another lengthy thread. 170 posts, in a thread about a video game remake? Let's look closer...
  5. Is it just me or are all the bigger threads lately essentially about the new RC?
  6. donut's just pretending to be crazy, right? For laffs?
  7. It's "our" board, Des. If you'd sign up, it would be "yours" as well. Just give it a try.
  8. Maybe he's oldschool texting and effed up?
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