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  1. No hes not the answer ,why cant we be one of those teams who draft strictly return man in the later rounds? who was the last decent return man pr or kr? I would love to see some excitement on that side of the ball!
  2. Is about a prank caller who pretends to be a police officer and convinces the manager of a fast-food restaurant that one of her employees committed a crime. It is based on the strip search prank call scam and more specifically inspired by theBullitt County McDonald's case.I was astonished to learn that not only had this really happened but 70 times in 30 states. David R. Stewart, a 37‑year-old employee of Corrections Corporation of America, a firm contracted by several states (including Louisiana[1] and Texas[2]) to provide corrections officers at private detention facilities. On October 31,
  3. I mentioned this in one of the earlier clowney posts he doesnt go 100%, yet is is extremely athletic ,his natural ability will only get him so far. Is he willing to work? Kearney wasnt as athletic as clowney is but he got the most out of his ability, I dont see clowney doing that
  4. i hate flo and i also turn the sarah maclaughlin too.
  5. Ive heard many people say that and I cant bring myself to watch it
  6. I was upset when he found out it was all just a show, he had been used
  7. sweet you know i have never watched that movie , its crazy, probably should
  8. I have cried watching movies and it feels great what a release! Forrest gump Little miss sunshine Truman show
  9. metallica-black counting crows-august and everything after nirvana-unplugged in new york system of a down-mezmerize
  10. dated, at the time awesome ,cant really listen to it now
  11. that read like all yanks like the boss and all southerners like skynyrd, you could not be more far off my friend
  12. Havent alot of musicians died since then, talented ones at that isnt this a matter of opinion?
  13. so because you are the best player on the field means you get to take plays off? I wanna see 100% always , clowney has not always shown that, that is my concern
  14. how does peyton have all these records and yet his younger bro has more superbowls is he indeed a choker?
  15. I have written many many lyrics , any beat makers here?
  16. so is no. 88 the only player the broncos have all of the sudden?
  17. there is nothing super about this game
  18. big deal so now it wont be a shut out which at this point i was hoping for
  19. omg brooklyn 99 is going to be better than the sb
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