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    falcons, yellowjackets, internet ,madden, writing, beer
  1. right now its kid cudi erase me ,kid cudi pursuit of happiness, and bo burnham im bo you, new math ,love is, high school party
  2. lol! trailblazers didnt listen now they are fugged!
  3. hip hop is not to blame but it dont help thats all! im not an idiot but people dont write lyrics like they used to there is no denying that!
  4. you ****** never got mine so your game is nill and void!
  5. =class act if you are dumb, dummy! God you are so white it affects your thought process!
  6. he can lay you down ,but im gonna beat it up! hey the trend didnt start with horrible music but it doesnt help that hip hop is saying what they do!
  7. so everybody in this f#cking game plays by the rules until i play? f#ck off! nobody knows the answer look it up figure it out before you move on! you mf'ers are not special! now look at my last post and figure it out!
  8. is it full metal jacket? You are disturbing the peaceful mood I'm in. You are destroying the frame of mind I'm in. You are disturbing my peaceful frame of mind
  9. rip geraldo funny funny man. It weighs heavy on my heart that these funny men, who bring such joy, have such weight in their souls.
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