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  1. Got to let it play out....Teco is the real deal as long as he holds onto the ball. The dude is fast and powerful. I love free bird but I could see Coleman getting lots of touches. I think he's going to be pretty special.
  2. I agree with you 100% and have been saying since 2008 we needed pass rushers. Im pretty sure we have averaged 28 sacks per regular season since then which would rank in the BOTTOM 5 of the league. It is what it is and all the TD nut huggers defend him for some stupid reason. Its a fact that our defense and pass rush has pretty much sucked since TD got here. They must be in love with his hair. Let me say IF our pass rush does improve its NOT because TD had anything to do with it. It would be DQ SP and the other 13 GMs hired. That's right....it's a d@m fact TD has not provided a pass rush in his era as Falcons gm. Brian Finneran knows exactly what's going on......sacks are overrated, move the QB off his spot, acquire better interior DL, better to have 10 players with 1.5 each than to have one with 15, one with 8, one with 5 and four with 3-5. On top of that AB lets TD fire coaches and FO people because he can't do his d@m job. Just saying....
  3. I love our draft....but Gil has been wrong as many times as he's been right. I think Neal and jones could be special but it's too early to call. This is clearly DQ draft and if Shaq Lawson turns out to be a great player and Neal turns out to be average......DQ and TD both will be riding bikes off in the sunset.
  4. oh I definitely have sirius radio and made sure I went to take a dump when TD came on.....it'd be the SOS it's been for 9 yrs and IF something turns out to be good with drafting or aquiring players it would not be TD fault....I'd have to give credit to SP, DQ or the other 13 gms added to the staff. Only team in the NFL that has 13 gms to run one gm's job.
  5. Sooner or later you must deal with and plan for the future
  6. No Sha Lawson, Noah spence, Kevin Dodd, Emmanuel Ogbah, Robert nkemdiche was available. OP is right we've had a franchise QB and WR for yrs now and nothing absolutely NOTHING to go with them because we have a worthless piece of crap GM f g everything up
  7. TD has won one that's right one freaking playoff game in nine freaking years and some of you guys worship him. I want a d@mn winner and TD has proven he sucks. If we win it will be because DQ and the other 13 GMs are making the decisions.
  8. Surely it will be better than last yr...Shelby should help, AC full time on the outside, VB improves, should equate to a few more. If Beasley don't improve we're in a heap of dodo
  9. Give the TD nuthuggers heil Dawg.......plain and simple TD couldn't find a pass rusher if his life depended on it. But we fire coaches, coordinators, scouts, etc... And it's the SOS yr yr after yr.
  10. Keith Brooking had a few injuries early in his career and came back to be pretty dang good....hopefully spoon stays healthy if so look out.
  11. If Reed don't play better this year he'll be considered a bigger bust than ray Edwards
  12. Well TD could f up a wet dream but honestly let's all hope Pioli and the other 13 GMs had some input. I trust DQ and hope he's the main trigger puller. It takes a few yrs to evaluate a draft ....way too soon
  13. The bottom line is, IF Shaq Lawson turns out to be a double digit sack guy, DQ will look like a fool and be fired along with TD, who has never ever in his 9 yr history produced or found a decent pass rusher....
  14. Gazoo you're such a great guy....I mean, I know the whole world loves you and all that BUT why do you defend TD to his last breath. We all know he sucks and he's proven it over and over. Just say it one time....TD has f'd up many times......and you're in love with him
  15. The reality is we have 13 GMs because the one that's been here 9 yrs can't do his d@mn job
  16. And we have this clown running our draft
  17. And if TD could be sold for what he thinks he's worth........or put it this way he's worthless
  18. SOS with TD ....will never have a pass rush here with his sorry azz being in the draft room
  19. Hope so but remember TD is in the house and is o fer 8 yrs of trying to find a pass rusher
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