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  1. Yep it's pretty much in black and white right there...TD is AB puppet and SP does the drafting.
  2. The draft board is already set......the good news is SP is the one setting it now and not TD
  3. What difference does it make 8 yrs later and defense flat out sucks....so who to blame
  4. But they'll never understand what you're saying because they don't want to......you got it right on
  5. Ok he's been bad the past 2-3 yrs.....but we did not have a defense since he got here. So it's NOT all about coaching ......its get me somebody that can play
  6. You're absolutely wrong. I've been a Falcon fan since 1975. I've been a season ticket holder since the 80s in Fulton County Stadium. I do agree TD has done some great things and yeah he's much better than the Rankin Smith family days. BUT the fact remains he has a pizz poor track record drafting defensive talent and it's been noted. That's why SP was put in charge. I'm not saying TD will be fired. I'm saying we're going to be a MUCH better team with SP in charge of the draft, player personnel, etc. TD is good with a calculator and managing the cap.
  7. The bottom line is TD has NOT done a good job in Atl. Matt Ryan has carried him to what success we've had over the last 7 yrs. AB, the media, and many others have noted it. So that's why SP was hired.....people can keep shaping it anyway they like but TD can't draft defensive talent....PERIOD
  8. Pioli was a good QB away from still being there. He did acquired some very fine talent while in KC. Im just glad SP is heading up the draft now and TD in charge salary cap and being AB yes man
  9. And I'm not sure why TD is needed. How many players are on the starting defense drafted by TD? In 7 yrs??? I rest my case......
  10. Not really...it's like times when Piolo was TD boss in NE. Just understand TD was relieved of his duties and read between the lines. That's exactly what the article was saying.
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