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  1. I'm going to give this experiment a try... I don't really think it's right that I'm on here at all. I should be out doing something way more interesting than being a hermit. So, without further ado, bring on the pirate jokes. I don't care. I won't be here to see them. Thank god. Expires: 5/12/2011 Bye!
  2. No biggie. You were off the Vick bandwagon before most of this board so I gotta give you credit for that. The sad thing is that you left the Vick bandwagon to create the Shockley one-man fan club.
  3. I hope you weren't serious with those threads.
  4. Who the **** is Georgiafan? He looks like Anonymous.
  5. we lost by an average of 25.25 points per game. :blink:
  6. I just want him to stop playing like such a **** *****. We've had him for three years and forget quarterback sacks, hits, etc. but this guy, from what I can remember, has not laid a decent hit on ANYONE.
  7. well, we've got one highlight for the series...
  8. yeah, smh.... sweep for the second year in a row.
  9. ok ok... what are some better ideas?
  10. and that's the only reason she is #1.
  11. LOL if 1-on-1s mattered Jennings would still be on the roster.
  12. Yeah, well, as to the first one, she said some stupid stuff a la the stupidness of me going to the wrong door (by the way, why would they have handles to a door on the outside if it can only be opened on the inside?). I mean, for god's sake, she asked me how to open a glovebox.
  13. I didn't notice these posts but anyways, I didn't come out trying to be like Mick Jagger. I was pretty calm once we went to the movies and did EXACTLY what you said I didn't. I gave nonverbal cues and shut my mouth when she talked. I didn't force any conversation either.
  14. Yeah, but it kind of was something she knew I was going to do and she thought it was funny...
  15. I was talking about the other stuff, not the tux.
  16. I almost didn't show up on time because of my dumbass GPS but thankfully I knew what car she drives and was able to spot it right when I was supposed to pick her up. The parent encounter was definitely awkward and that was probably the most nervous I had been the whole time (I don't even think I really introduced myself). Then, we left for the movies; I talked to her and asked her open-ended questions and gave her eye contact like you guys advised. Once we got to the movies, I used a stupid line on her: "If you were a pirate, what shoulder would the parrot be on? This one or this one (then I wrap my arm around her)? Then, as we were going into the theater, I wasn't paying any attention and led her to an exit door and tried to open it and, well, it didn't open. The movie sucked. Or at least I thought it did. Then we left and she talked to me a lot about some horror movies I had never even heard of and I never really had anything to say because I never knew of them. Then she proceeded to talk about how bad her ex drove... Then, we get to her house. I was sort of thinking about giving her a kiss but I don't really like her so I didn't. I just gave her a hug and she thanked me and left. I don't know if she wanted a kiss but she wasn't very attractive to me so I didn't bother. To sum it up, no girl is worth being nervous over especially when you get **** dates like this. It was a waste of money in one sense, but there was a valuable lesson learned - always underestimate the girl you go on a date with.
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