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  1. I've tried different things, basically everything at the lunch line that there is to offer. I'm always drinking water and I always eat breakfast. I don't want to have to prepare food everyday, but that gave me a thought: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I haven't even tried that out this year and that's a good food I'm sure. But it doesn't matter. I'm not going to play football again because it's so mentally exhausting. I love watching it but I can't make it through 2 hours of practice everyday. I'll probably start lifting again later, though.
  2. Well, I was thinking more along the lines of 5-hour energy because monsters and red bulls would probably make me throw up. I think I'll just try 5 hour energy and see how it works and if that doesn't work then I guess I'll use what you said.
  3. Does anyone have suggestions for energy drinks before workouts? I have football workouts after school and I'm **** exhausted by then. I don't want to use any, but I pretty much feel like I have to at this point because I'm not making any improvements and the lack of energy motivates me to skip workouts or do a half-*** job at them.
  4. leavenworth penitentiary, kansas message board
  5. not to mention the pure nature of it.... the spread works in college.
  6. I agree... I mean, I supported the Bobby Petrino hire, and he went on to be one of the worst coaches in NFL history. I just think it's funny when some people are remarkably wrong, like grendel
  7. to be fair, he had 41 touchdowns his senior year. i could see why someone would like him.
  8. Wow that's pretty good. I got my body weight (165) yesterday. Looking to get my max to 185 before we stop weight training.
  9. had weight training for the first time in a month today... felt like **** (i hate not long enough before my workout because i woke up late) but performed well. i did not lose an ounce of strength during the break. heck i may have gotten stronger because all i did was a bunch of explosive pushups (plyometric pushups) at ten a set and did that until i was tired. my balance was kind of off on bench. i did 155 as my max, it was a HUGE surprise to me. really, really did not feel like doing squats today because (a) i was extremely sore everywhere in my legs before the workout and ( because i ate too
  10. I did some plyometrics yesterday and my left leg is way sorer than my right leg... I did: Depth jumps (to box jump) - 25 at 24", 25 at 28", and two sets of 25 at 32". I got a couple of chopat straps which helped my knees absorb contact. Stair jumps (only calves) - 20 sets of 10 Shuttles - 5-10-10-10-10-5 to running up stairs. Ten sets. Shuffles - 5-10-10-5. Ten sets. This was kind of useless.
  11. Yeah, and the knee crack is at me...
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