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  1. I'm hopeful it's Schweitzer, making the 2016 draft the best Falcons draft ever. But I'll throw Hugh Thornton into the mix as well.
  2. Mack easily. Seattle went after Ryan but the pass protections were on point. Not to mention how we were able to run the ball with ease at times. Mack is the best FA pickup we've had since Abe.
  3. Good call. I like the option plays. It's like Kyle's "RG3 wrinkle" ready made for a QB like Ryan. Could have been a huge play if Gabe noticed the box. Could have also been a huge play if that's DB caught that deflection.
  4. How many of you were terrified when the ball bounced off of Gabriel? I used to hate Smittyball and respect how Shanny still tries to keep his foot on the gas pedal, but every now and then, I think "just run the freaking ball." That could have been catastrophic (i.e. the week 6 INT off of Julio's hands). But no guts, no glory!
  5. Exactly. If you've read the Patriots book, "War Room" - the one where BB tells TD not to trade for Julio (rolling my eyes)- it's clear that Lombardi and TD worked together under Pioli and Bellichick on the NE staff. Lombardi went on to Cleveland while Dimitroff had immediate success in 2008 with us. Of course, he flamed out and hit the media circuit after leaving Cleveland, but his analyses of the Falcons since then have always been personal. It's clear he doesn't have a lot of respect or regard for TD, and in turn, the Atlanta Falcons. The old gang is kinda back together, Pioli and TD, and it's probably eating at him more.
  6. Not sure how to feel about this one.... Color me surprised.
  7. Good to know. I guess, on second thought, our coverage team is pretty good. Seems to primarily be an issue on our returns. At least Weems made good decisions today (they only punted twice if I recall correctly).
  8. What's up with Armstrong and the unit this year? Our unit is usually so well coached and least penalized. I remember a few years ago, Bosher almost set an all time record or something. They always seem to put us in a hole once or twice each game.
  9. I saw this stat the other day and didn't know if it was true: Phillip Rivers is 5-1 against Pete Carroll/Dan Quinn/Gus Bradley defenses. Maybe the guy just plays well against this type of defense? Rookies or not.
  10. I feel the same way. 2 week road trip, pensive home crowd, talented opponent with elite QB. I haven't seen anyone say this, but you also have to consider Joey Bosa's impact on the game. He definitely looked like the real deal out there, and this is against an OL that held Von Miller and Khalil Mack in check. Bosa doesn't have a lot of tape and he practically missed the first 3 weeks of the season, which includes three games that SD probably should have won without him. We all underestimated the Chargers. Fans, coaches, commentators, etc. The AFC West is the strongest division in football; luckily the NFC West or South might be the weakest. Glad we came out 2-1 in the West so far. For us to be successful, we need to beat the NFC South. That's where our journey has to start. We are 2-1 there so far too.
  11. Also interesting about the list in the number of WCO RBs. Westbrook, Garner, Craig, Amp Lee and Byers I believe. This offense is designed for RBs to be big contributors in the passing game - which inflates the QBs numbers and keeps them protected. The WCO might be a godsend for extending MR2's career. I was glad to hear Rich Gannon's insight on that topic during the Falcons/Raiders broadcast.
  12. I saw a pic of Vic holding up Von Miller's jersey following the game. He had to be inspired to see someone he looks up to in live action (although Schraeder did a **** of a job on Von). We all tend to want to "show and prove" when someone we admire is watching. I hope Vic takes this attitude forward to Seattle and beyond. Good for him and well-deserved.
  13. The truth of the matter is look around you. Who is the class of the NFC? The Panthers? They should be at the end. The Cardinals have to start Drew Stanton tonight at 1-3. The Rams? Totally flawed team, but they beat Seattle another top NFC. Green Bay? Minnesota with Sam Bradford? Philly? I look around and feel really good about the Falcons. Time will tell, but no team in the NFC really scares me. That's what I look when I think "this team can make a run." We have Seattle, Green Bay, Philly on the schedule, along with Carolina again. We have two good out of conference tests in Denver and Kansas City too. The defense will get better, and with Ryan spreading the ball around better than last year, there is no reason why we shouldn't feel optimistic.
  14. What's this narrative regarding rookie QBs? Last I can remember us getting lit up by one was Geno Smith a few years ago. We actually do well against non-experienced QBs in the wins dept.
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