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  1. Hey this is Cecil Steinbeck, glad I finally found you again.

  2. Sounds like an awesome getup for the game.lol. I'll be there in my deion sanders jersey. What seats did you get for the game?
  3. yea just finished up at OWC....er Northwest Florida State, or whatever there calling it nowadays,lol.
  4. Im over here on the other side of the Panhandle, Fort Walton Beach. I live in a sea of Aints fan.
  5. Big props to JA98, hopefully this was his breakout game. Oh, and the sack celebration was great.
  6. Falcons-2 Bears-0 The greatest possible score in football.
  7. I'm not gonna get my hopes too high, but hey, any given sunday right? Go Falcons!!! Lets stun the Pack!
  8. lol, definitely. I actually got a good friend who is also a Falcons fan that I usually go to Buffalo Wild Wings with(if I'm not making a trip to the game) Were in Fort Walton, not too far from Navarre, where do you go to watch the games?
  9. Up here in NW Florida all we get is the Saints. So usually I end up watching the game at Buffalo Wild Wings, surrounded by Saints and Bucs fans. Last weekend was not fun...lol.
  10. I'd highly doubt it, just considering the contract we signed elam too. We can use that pick instead to add depth or find a late round gem at another position.
  11. I lost 3, Coleman, Hall, and Vick. I still have a Brooking, Norwood, and my throwback Bartkowski jersey, I think i'm sticking with em next season. Unless they have a huge sell, then its hello new Boley jersey!
  12. I'd say were sticking with a 4-3. But these guys are gonna be good, solid depth for us, something we've been sorely missing on the D-line.
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