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  1. I love this pick. Dude is a mean, nasty monster. We sorely needed someone like him imo. Plus, he's been kicked in the balls numerous times by life, so it's really cool to see something good to happen for him and his family. I hope he has a nice long career at RT for us.
  2. I really have no clue. TD has always been tough to read. I hope they stay put and keep their picks. With that said... Dexter Lawrence is my best guess at #14.
  3. http://buffstreamz.com/watch/nfl-live.php Has a popup. Great after that.
  4. The best chance Riley has at helping us on D is if he causes Brees and Payton to end up hospitalized with priapism after they watch his game tape.
  5. And if Jones and Neal had gotten injured during a preseason game, you're the same ones that would be screaming for Quinn's head because they shouldn't have been playing. There's no winning with some of you. Go root for the Saints; you'd fit right in with the rest of the trash.
  6. The knock his whole career has been whatever fits the narrative of clueless fans/media. 1. Can't win a playoff game 2. Bad in the red zone 3. Noodle arm 4. Hasn't won a SB. 5. Doesn't make enough plays with his feet 6. Needs a loaded offense to be effective He played like crap last night. He's the first guy that will own up to it and shoulder the blame (even though there's plenty to go around) and he will work his butt off to fix it and get better. BTW G-dawg, this wasn't a knock against you or your comment. Matt needs to be better there, and so does a lot of t
  7. Some of you should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves for calling yourselves "fans". Perhaps one day I'll learn to stay away from the boards after an ugly loss where the best QB we're likely to ever have has a bad game.
  8. I'll just take solace in knowing Matt will admit to having a lousy game and work on fixing it. He's too smart and too good for this to be a common thing. The O-Line did him no favors either. I think he locks in on guys when he knows he's not going to have much time. There were missed opportunities as PMF has pointed out. Sark was fine. It was a bad game, in a tough situation (game 1 on road against defending champs in a place they usually struggle), but I believe in these guys to right the ship.
  9. Remember when the knock on Matt was that he hadn't won a playoff game? Yeah, so much for that.
  10. That's too bad. Good thing to work on in preseason though.
  11. TBF, he had a gang of guys surrounding him. I was wondering if he was even going to get rid of it.
  12. https://imagemacros.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/mantis.jpg
  13. I wish my wife would stop cutting onions. I'm so glad Matt is our QB. He works hard, he's talented, and most impressive to me is how humble and down-to-earth he is. He just gets it.
  14. Jones is gonna ball out, and Campbell will continue to improve and impress. I think we can all agree that Duke makes or breaks the ceiling of the group. He has the physical tools. He was actually in position to make a lot of plays last year, but to my untrained eye he over-ran or just couldn't wrap up. If the game slows down for him a bit, this group is going to be very tough to move the ball on.
  15. I really love watching Free play. He has a ton of heart and is insanely skilled. However, I'm still dealing with his contract distraction and that awful missed block in the SB. I can admit that's probably not fair, but it still hurts. I really hope he can stay healthy since we are so much more dangerous with him available.
  16. "Ryan might never be the No. 1 quarterback in the NFL again, but he’s probably a top-10 quarterback." And I stopped there.
  17. Honest question- If Duke doesn't improve, does Quinn do the same thing with Beasley and Campbell again?
  18. Hall may have retired from the NFL, but he's still playing in the NBA Western Conference Finals.
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