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    Falcons, Gators, Cubs, Thunder. I also enjoy bowling, reading, video games, WWE, hanging with my wife and 3 dogs and cat, being outside, vaping, sleeping, and various other things that most people like. I'm just a normal guy really.

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  1. I love this pick. Dude is a mean, nasty monster. We sorely needed someone like him imo. Plus, he's been kicked in the balls numerous times by life, so it's really cool to see something good to happen for him and his family. I hope he has a nice long career at RT for us.
  2. I really have no clue. TD has always been tough to read. I hope they stay put and keep their picks. With that said... Dexter Lawrence is my best guess at #14.
  3. Has a popup. Great after that.
  4. The best chance Riley has at helping us on D is if he causes Brees and Payton to end up hospitalized with priapism after they watch his game tape.