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  1. Actually... I was thinking we should just run the flying wedge for every play... It worked in 1930...
  2. It doesn’t... But I think he is worth a late round shot...
  3. Not really a Georgia homer... But am tired of kicking inconsistency... The Young Ho looks OK... But a rookie kicker could give us production at a lower cap point... What say ye?
  4. Turner... So much value in an RB that smashes defenses in the mouth... Especially when you need 2 yards...
  5. If the draft pick don’t fit... you must acquit...
  6. good size and strength... I like him https://gbf.wiki/Sagat
  7. I give up some views on other side from 30 yards to goal... But watching Julio catch 40 feet away... Priceless
  8. Main pad is in Chateau Elan... If you are a stalker...
  9. Will cost us some dead cap $.... But worth it... Always wondered if Sam Baker pick was Blank pay back to then Arena Football League Commish (Sam's dad)...
  10. The earthquake point is valid... A complete review of the document reveals 3 things that are not in dispute: 1. The document is slanted to protect the GWCCA and the Atlanta Falcons 2. There are multiple scenarios in which your PSL can be voided and your money lost. 3. Verbal statements by sales staff are specifically stated as non-binding in the agreement. So sales staff statements are meaningless.
  11. Link to PSL Agreement: http://newatlantastadiumexperience.com/docs/PSL-Agreement.pdf
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