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  1. What are odds on Bobby Petrino returning? Are there any attractive interns who like to ride motorcycles? I used to think 2007 was worst season ever... Until 2020
  2. Actually... I was thinking we should just run the flying wedge for every play... It worked in 1930...
  3. It doesn’t... But I think he is worth a late round shot...
  4. Not really a Georgia homer... But am tired of kicking inconsistency... The Young Ho looks OK... But a rookie kicker could give us production at a lower cap point... What say ye?
  5. Turner... So much value in an RB that smashes defenses in the mouth... Especially when you need 2 yards...
  6. If the draft pick don’t fit... you must acquit...
  7. good size and strength... I like him https://gbf.wiki/Sagat
  8. I give up some views on other side from 30 yards to goal... But watching Julio catch 40 feet away... Priceless
  9. Main pad is in Chateau Elan... If you are a stalker...
  10. There are still real fans there #ATLCAST has over 1000 members That said... It still hurts me to think about the 10-20-30 year fans we lost between the goal lines on the Falcons sideline in the Dome... Working class people who could not pay 15-25-45k per seat... Sometimes I feel like a soldier who fights on after seeing half of his platoon killed... You can’t help but wonder how much stronger our fan base would be with those “soldiers” still here... *end rant*
  11. They were hype... Fans at Benz were a little more chill...
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