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  1. Main pad is in Chateau Elan... If you are a stalker...
  2. There are still real fans there #ATLCAST has over 1000 members That said... It still hurts me to think about the 10-20-30 year fans we lost between the goal lines on the Falcons sideline in the Dome... Working class people who could not pay 15-25-45k per seat... Sometimes I feel like a soldier who fights on after seeing half of his platoon killed... You can’t help but wonder how much stronger our fan base would be with those “soldiers” still here... *end rant*
  3. They were hype... Fans at Benz were a little more chill...
  4. Props to the dedicated fans who dropped their own dime and headed to Nashville to represent... Based on the strong showing last year at the draft, the NFL gave them the front and center spot, right by the podium... Good job #ATLCAST
  5. Falcons have new restriction on PSL sales...
  6. IMHO... Last season was frustrating enough... Glad I did not buy in on this...
  7. Not inspired... I guess my fan energy needs an off season... Orlando Apollos’ 40-6, Week 1 win over the Atlanta Legends.
  8. BTW... Those fans in the video were hand picked... They are not depressed... They are among the most loyal you will ever meet... #ATLCAST
  9. $725-$975 a seat for good seats is too high... IMHO
  10. Going to try a game... But good season tickets are overpriced for quality of players.. IMHO
  11. Most important factor... Cohen is much better in PPR
  12. MOVE... Get out da way... Get out da way...
  13. Ticket prices seem a bit high for the product....
  14. I rarely notice things like this when watching games... But it was noticeable... He clearly gives up on plays after his initial push... Bad technique or bad motivation, big money is not due...