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  1. Not something i'd be bragging about. Limit is 13.
  2. Nice to see UNC get some praise in football. I keep telling everyone our LB corps is going to kill this year while the DL will also be nasty. No one listens.
  3. Actually i think they'll be better than FSU scratch that. The 3 possibly 4 best teams in the ACC will reside in one division. Time for a little realigning.
  4. I'm happy for them but they will not be better than VT/FSU/UNC/GT.
  5. It wasn't really meant to be for everyone to point out who their surprises would be. I was just feeling really amped at the time and when i'm like that i get a little overhyped :lol:
  6. Agreed. Insurance screws you out of money so why not screw them a little?
  7. I'm sure it has. Doesn't mean it's acting.
  8. If you've seen her pretend to be an actress. That is not acting.
  9. Streep is a straight GGILF Great Grandmother i'd like to ****.
  10. Salma Hayek? Most those girls aint actresses though. They just look pretty.
  11. To me David Greene will always be the best QB at UGA (mainly cause i sat next to him in US history but whatever) When i moved out here didn't have a lot of friends but David was always cool to me.
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