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  1. This isn't a knock on UK mind you, but dang its hard to watch those 50-40 matchups.
  2. Yeah and that's whats in the history books. I'm not diminishing UK's title. my point is only that Cretin played dirty that game. EDIT: I'm just glad we knocked cretin out that day before they injured anyone elses players
  3. It was a 1 point game AT Rupp. And that's fair to point out. I honestly have forgotten that season who won etc. I now remember looking forward to a potential UNC UK matchup. It wasn't excuses as we lost to Kansas with a 2 star PG. You can't deny a healthy Marshall would have beaten Kansas and made for a epic UK/UNC tourney matchup. I hate Cretin forever.
  4. Why are injuries always the bane of UNC? Jesus should have had a natty run in 77. Kenny smith in the late 80s. Kendall Marshall in 2012 against Cretin (spelling intentional) which you won't convince me we aren't winning the national title if he doesn't get injured.Now Berry/Pinson/Britt are all injured. However that game against wake is the type of games we need our bigs to play consistently to be a force in march.
  5. This is kind of turning into the NCAA basketball thread.
  6. Why does Duke never play a true road game OOC unless they have to (via acc/big 10 challenge). They are never tested OOC and i think that's a big reason for their recent postseason early exits and losses like these
  7. Wichita State only made it so far cause wow that was a soft schedule. UK is still the best team though. It's obvious
  8. He only had 44 yards and no tds against the panthers this year.
  9. i constantly baited him like my little *****. loved every second of it.
  10. While UCLA was certainly overrated to start the year holy crap
  11. Why would I shut the **** up? Because some loser who got pissy on the internet told me too? Calm down kid
  12. We've got a long way to go offensively too. We shot like 28% vs Iowa. Why the **** do these guys get down for weaker opponents i don't know. Scrappy teams are raping us right now. We better do something before Saturday or it's gonna be a ****** day.
  13. Yeah too little too late for me. Should win the Consolation tournament. My QB situation hurt me more than i noticed.
  14. That UNC UK game is gonna be good. I see UK winning but it's all dependent on if our guys can hit their outside shots.
  15. i beat them by 100 in dynasty mode in year 3 with sacramento state lol THAT IS YOUR MEASURING STICK
  16. But what if MSU finishes with a better team than KU
  17. At least we escaped without being upset by Robert Morris.
  18. Ditto. Brice and Meeks are much more polished Not happening. If i'm wrong then i'll eat crow but i don't believe any team is going undefeated in this day and age.
  19. UNC looks solid so far. Meeks looks much improved.. FT shooting is improved. We seem to have improved a lot in areas we were weak last year. Obviously time will tell.
  20. Hard to argue 2 NBA HoFers and one who had a great 17 year long career.
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