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  1. Hopefully the Heels will be eating pork come saturday. Brice Johnson needs to channel his inner Rasheed Wallace and Tokoto needs to never think again. Just play. I feel like he overthinks things and makes dumb mistakes.
  2. Jesus we just give up too many easy turnovers. Lucky to escape with that one.
  3. WHOOOOOOOOOOO PICKED GEORGIA STATE. Mom worked there for a long time. She's going apeshit. What a game winniing shot.
  4. love uncs draw. lets see if they do anything with it. shocked we aren't with kansas this year.
  5. I think Duke. UVA won the regular season. How bout this run by my Heels. Beating the 14th and 3rd ranked team in the country back to back.
  6. i thought so too. A lot of Tar heel fans weren't happy but meh.
  7. Okay i don't see how any outsider can cheer for duke tonight. Easily the dirtiest **** i've seen all year. Winslow should have been ejected for that kick on Brice Johnson.
  8. Most of the nation would be cheering for the next terrorist attack. Too far?
  9. roy looks exhausted. I think it's rubbing off on the team as well. http://www.goheels.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=3350&ATCLID=209890954 Personally, however, it’s impossible to imagine a tougher year in coaching than this one. His best friend, Ted Seagroves, died after a long battle with cancer. Stuart Scott, a beloved member of the Carolina basketball family, died after a long battle with cancer. Every time the coach goes out recruiting—an aspect of his job with which he is relentless—he is reminded of off-court troubles that have plagued the University. And this week, his longtime ment
  10. The refs too. And i'm not one to ***** but when Willis can go helmet to helmet with Ryan on a slide with no call and our DT's fingertips graze Coppernips helmets and it's a 15 yarder on what woulda been a 3rd down stop? **** you NFL and your harbowl.
  11. But if he had some cajones can you imagine that body playing safety?
  12. I had a feeling today was gonna work out like this when i woke up.
  13. At louisville is gonna be tough today. We've gotta wear em down. Get their starters in foul trouble and Louisville is in trouble. We've got the depth to do that.
  14. I really think only one of those MAC MEAC SWAC schools who can randomly rain down 3s are the only teams capable of knocking UK off. You just can't bang inside with UK.
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