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  1. I think we should just invade the middle east and commit genocide but hey.
  2. Seriously? I bet criminals use that **** for fake CCs etc
  3. **** me too i went to Columbia.
  4. He doesn't really believe his own **** that he posts here. Even a ******** ****** isn't that stupid.
  5. And it was the 3000th time you posted that picture. Milestones galore.
  6. Defensive monster. About time a defensive player got some love on the AA team.
  7. MSU beats UK for the title for the biggest upset since 1983
  8. I'm glad ND played yall close so now UNC's 09 tournament is more impressive
  9. Let's see if he can get that elusive 39th against Wisky.
  10. I'm just an anti-UK/Duke fan the rest of the way. It'll all be good. We should have a title contender next year.
  11. I've never felt more confident about a team winning a title other than UNCs 09 team
  12. Kinda like Joe Alleva being on the selection committee
  13. I've heard some UK fans say the opposite. Which kinda surprised me (referring to facing unc). I think it'd be cool if they came back to go for that lol. Its one of the most hallowed records in sports I know i want a final four crack at UK but we're a long way from there.
  14. Fun question. Which has more jumps to the NBA? UK winning the title and a chance to pass woodens 88 next year. Or UK losing with a lot of guys nothing to come back for? And if we beat Wisky are you sure you'd rather see that type of UNC team opposed to Wisky?
  15. Also for portraying their team as tough Arky sure played like a bunch of ****** out there. Flopping and throwing elbows. Reminiscent of ole big east hackball. Guys responded better than i've seen them all season and took it to em.
  16. Called it! Nova's soft. Heels took care of Arky!
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