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  1. I don't think its much to ask for consistency from refs. If they make bad calls okay but as long as it's the same for both teams all game. See too many games where what is a block in the first half called a charge in the second. I really think they jus blow the whistle and guess sometimes.
  2. There are much better athletes than OBJ in the NFL. To compare him to the world would drop him even more. Best athlete in the world? LOL. Lebron James. And i am no fan of James. 6'8 260 pound force of nature.
  3. Ditto for me bro. Just sanction us or don't I'm so tired of the ordeal. The cheap quips everyone always throws out are sooo repetitive, non creative, and they think they are being sooo funny by repeating a joke already heard 1000 times. To Unkn0wn: I don't think Jones draft stock can be improved. I think that's what Jones has to look at. He just won a natty while being a 5 star recruit and played excellent all year and stepped up clutch in the tournament. I actually LOVE how he plays basketball*. I think he can be a very good pro. *Only thing i have against him is his egregious head jerking
  4. Agreed. It's a lot of fun to see. Something has got to be done with refs in CBB/NFL/NBA. (i don't watch enough CFB outside of UNC to say one way or the other). It's abysmal out there for all 3 of those sports. Maybe it's cause we have TVs and hi def in every angle now but i don't remember it ever being this bad.
  5. Since you're a falcons fan Jay watch the Hawks. You'll love the team ball and their defensive rotation is really beautiful to watch.
  6. I just think the OBJ talk is preemptive. I don't think anyone thinks he won't be a great player. However. Calm down. He's played one ******* season. All this HoF talk and he'll be better than Moss or Rice is crap at this point to be honest. It's not that he won't be. It's that his nuthuggers are acting like he already is. I'm sorry but no. Shut the **** up.
  7. I like Britt actually. He just needs to not dribble into no mans land so often and not turn his back to the basket.
  8. Tokoto's defense is largely overrated. While a good defender he let guys go for career games in the ACCT and NCAAs. I don't think this hurts us to be honest. It might be addition by subtraction. Might also help our chances with Ingram. We played too deep this year IMO. This allows for the optimum starting lineup which is: Berry Paige Jackson Brice Meeks Allows a healthy marcus to worry about scoring instead of running the team. There's some serious scoring options there. If we score less than 80 a game with that lineup i'll be disappointed. think we had 2.3 ppm with Berry in the lineup? Could
  9. winslow walked like twice before that and one. and foot on the line.
  10. This is why people hate duke. Winslow uncontrollably drives into set wisconsin player. Blocking foul LOL.
  11. I probably would pull for duke if winslow was not on the team because i strongly dislike Bo Ryan. I at least respect K
  12. anything WOR? Sorry but i hate dirty players like Winslow. I played basketball at a high level and anyone who intentionally tries to injure people is a piece of ****. That goes for Winslow and Bruce Bowen.
  13. Yeah i do admittedly. College basketball>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NFL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>college football>NBA
  14. Read my post. It's clearly the kicking while laying up and kick 3s that bother me more. If he didn't get away with that cheap **** i wouldn't care. As i said IN THIS THREAD. the refs are at fault for letting him do it.
  15. When a white guy can say the N word and have every black person in the room laughing their *** off. You are a genius. He's probably my favorite stand up comic. Dude just tells it like it is
  16. I think we should make all racial slurs into delicious cookies. -Ralphie Maye
  17. I love how many Duke/Inserttop25footballschoolhere fans there are. Also my hate is directed at Winslow. I even said i liked a good number of the players on this Duke team. I love tyus jones game. if he didn't act like a floppin wuss sometimes i'd like him more.
  18. Refs let him get away with it so he does it. I mean can't blame him there.
  19. oh from kicking people when he goes for layups. throwing elbows all the time. That stupid dangerous kick 3 coach K teaches his players.
  20. Dude. how can you watch that ***** play and not hate him. I really don't know. I hated Bruce Bowen for the same crap. I've never disliked a duke player more than Winslow this year.
  21. I can't stand Winslow. For that reason i hope duke gets demolished and winslow tears his ACL. No i'm not joking. **** that dirty scumbag piece of ****. Bruce bowen 2.0 I like the rest of em though. Although Tyus bugs me with his pansy *** no contact head jerks.
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