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  1. Don't like agreeing with Resse but he's right. Grizz and GS going to 6 or 7
  2. Refs were trying to make a series out of it. They do it every year in NBA playoffs.
  3. Trying to make a series out of it. Happens every year.
  4. Carroll got blocked by plumlee. the ****
  5. Wall is more talented. Teague is better at running the point
  6. Wiz will get rolled by the hawks.
  7. Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever but ya lebrons easily the most gifted athlete i've ever seen NBA or NFL
  8. To be fair lebron looked 30 at 18.
  9. Irving better than Lebron? I'm a LBJ hater and just no kid. No.
  10. ATL would roll the bulls in 5. at most 6. No logical reasoning the Bulls can beat hawks in a series.
  11. Speaking of the NBA draft i find it funny how our 2nd and 4th picked players in the 09 draft are head and shoulders above the other 2. Lawson has an almsot 4-1 assist TO ratio this year.
  12. I hope some ATL cops take out a Nets player. Paybacks a mother
  13. i really dont think his draft stock would ever be higher than it is now.
  14. most likely. I just can't stand that no one is giving us any type of shot vs cleveland.
  15. Its amusing to watch the wizards act like try-hards in a video game.
  16. Sorry but Duncan is past his prime. He's a great role player at this point That's more than 99% of people can say at his age so its' not a knock.
  17. I thought his players played all 4 years. Oh wait his Graduation rate is lower than most of the schools he criticizes?
  18. Meh. i was recruited by a few SEC schools in basketball before getting kicked off the team and subsequently expelled. I can believe someone played college baseball. i just don't care if he's lying or not.
  19. It's gotten a bit better in the NBA in recent years sac. They do better than college refs IMO.
  20. I'd advise Winslow to take a long walk off a short pier.
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