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  1. Transitive property UNC>scar>UGA I had too
  2. I was fine with the 2 point attempt but THAT playcall? Regardless we just went toe to toe with clemson so my boys are definitely trending up
  3. I hope so. I'm still cautiously optimistic but the team just looks like it's coached much better already
  4. Is it because when Lebaby cried to the refs after Teague stole the ball Lebaby took a play off to tell the NBA refs fine i won't play if you don't call it like i like. Or was it the next game where he was the only player i ever saw overturn a call because he cried when he got blocked.
  5. Lebaby balling and still acting like a *****.
  6. dova's a ******* ***** made ***********.
  7. One thing i love about both our programs is that we'll play anyone anywhere.
  8. UNC should have an edge but all teams have major questions.
  9. Flopping a tech? Dukes team would be ejected by the end of the 1st half. What would they do? Forfeit?
  10. You noticed too? But yeah in the end didn't matter. Super clutch 3 by teague
  11. perfectly okay to feel that way. doesn't mean it wont be a good series.
  12. Plus it's not like the clippers are pushovers.
  13. passing on a guy who can get to the qb would mean our offense would have to score 35 a game for us to have a winning record.
  14. Read this post and who liked it. That's how you tell when someone's ********.
  15. I'll take that bet if he doesnt
  16. anyone else see chris paul get tackled by leonard on that last inbound play lol
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