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  1. Middleton is the ugliest ************** I ever seen on the court. Got one eye on the basket one eye on the vending machine
  2. If we play through this **** officiating ain't no stopping us
  3. Our backups (mostly) are in and they're holding onto the lead so I def think we want it more. I've never seen so many people be in agreement about officiating though. Especially when we're in the lead. That should speak volumes
  4. Bruh this **** is almost comical at this point. Missed one on Gallo too which led to an easy 2 for the bucks
  5. Really you can take 3 points off the bucks for basket interference
  6. Because if they called it correctly Gianni's would be fouled out
  7. Well Clint isn't Giannis. So that's right in the nbas eyes
  8. All the travels tonight and they call that one?
  9. Inside the circle and still called offensive? That's offensive.
  10. I've never seen more missed over the back calls in my life
  11. Transitive property UNC>scar>UGA I had too
  12. I was fine with the 2 point attempt but THAT playcall? Regardless we just went toe to toe with clemson so my boys are definitely trending up
  13. I hope so. I'm still cautiously optimistic but the team just looks like it's coached much better already
  14. Steelers had a draft that netted 4 hall of famers.
  15. No one cares about an eagles fans opinions. Oh wait you agreed
  16. Marcus Williams made my favorite play of the year
  17. Suck it haters. Tried to tell y'all. But y'all wanted to listen to the media who was leading you on for clicks!
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