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  1. Transitive property UNC>scar>UGA I had too
  2. I was fine with the 2 point attempt but THAT playcall? Regardless we just went toe to toe with clemson so my boys are definitely trending up
  3. I hope so. I'm still cautiously optimistic but the team just looks like it's coached much better already
  4. One thing i love about both our programs is that we'll play anyone anywhere.
  5. UNC should have an edge but all teams have major questions.
  6. Flopping a tech? Dukes team would be ejected by the end of the 1st half. What would they do? Forfeit?
  7. You noticed too? But yeah in the end didn't matter. Super clutch 3 by teague
  8. passing on a guy who can get to the qb would mean our offense would have to score 35 a game for us to have a winning record.
  9. Read this post and who liked it. That's how you tell when someone's ********.
  10. Refs were trying to make a series out of it. They do it every year in NBA playoffs.
  11. Trying to make a series out of it. Happens every year.
  12. Carroll got blocked by plumlee. the ****
  13. Speaking of the NBA draft i find it funny how our 2nd and 4th picked players in the 09 draft are head and shoulders above the other 2. Lawson has an almsot 4-1 assist TO ratio this year.
  14. I hope some ATL cops take out a Nets player. Paybacks a mother
  15. i really dont think his draft stock would ever be higher than it is now.
  16. most likely. I just can't stand that no one is giving us any type of shot vs cleveland.
  17. Its amusing to watch the wizards act like try-hards in a video game.
  18. Sorry but Duncan is past his prime. He's a great role player at this point That's more than 99% of people can say at his age so its' not a knock.
  19. I thought his players played all 4 years. Oh wait his Graduation rate is lower than most of the schools he criticizes?
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