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  1. Been a boring day for upsets
  2. Steelers had a draft that netted 4 hall of famers.
  3. No one cares about an eagles fans opinions. Oh wait you agreed
  4. Marcus Williams made my favorite play of the year
  5. I'm on it. I'm aware
  6. Suck it haters. Tried to tell y'all. But y'all wanted to listen to the media who was leading you on for clicks!
  7. Man it seems like uga is in the opposite boat as UNC sometimes. We have a great basketball program and a football program with facilities and should have no issue getting top 20 recruiting classes and consistent top 25 team. But we can't find a coach. Vice versa for uga. Maybe it's jus me cause I live in georgia
  8. Good question. I don't know honestly
  9. either way won't happen. so stupid to even propose it. UNC would jump to the SEC in a heartbeat
  10. Political posturing
  11. wake me when something actually happens. Til then 6 NCAA titles 7 time national champs. Trailing only UK and UCLA.
  12. How is this news? We've been hearing this for years now.
  13. That's great for WSU. Definitely gives their schedule more credibility right off the bat. AAC is gonna be very good.
  14. Side note I'm trolling so hard when nothing gets vacated from men's bb