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  1. If we get an offensive coach I will hate to watch our D for the next 3 years.
  2. If we get Rex Ryan maybe the Nolan lovers can finally see what a good defense actually is.
  3. Rex Ryan is top 3 minds in defense in the NFL. He will also be a HC next year guaranteed.
  4. No way he leaves the booth. $5 mill a year for 20-30 hours work a week for ESPN (No wins or losses) $8 mill a year for 120+ hours work a week for the Falcons with the pressure of winning.
  5. The Dallas D is an example of what your defense can do when you have a DC who runs a simple scheme so players don't have to over think what they are meant to do. Nolan is over scheming with the players we have.
  6. And we suck on defense for another year. Can't block for Ryan. We get ready for another top 10 pick in 2016
  7. If we don't go pass rusher 1st we would be insane. I am a Gregory fan and I hope we take him.
  8. NFL Rushing leaders 2014 1. Demarco Murray, 3rd Round 2. Arian Foster, UDFA 3. Le'Veon Bell, 2nd round 4. Justin Forsett, 7th round 5. Matt Forte, 2nd round 6. Alfred Morris, 6th round 7. LeSean McCoy, 2nd round 8. Marshawn Lynch, 1st round 9. Chris Ivory, UDFA 10. Lamar Miller, 4th round Why waste a 1st on a rb?
  9. Picking a position outside Oline or Dline is stupid. Look at Murray he is a 3rd round rb dominating the league. Don't waste a 1st on a rb.
  10. Nolan likes versatile players Also doesn't want a good pass rusher so he can have his 10 guys with 4 sacks.
  11. I thought this was about Rex. **** no to Rob. Yes to Rex.
  12. I'd love him, the defense would play hard. Exact opposite personality to Smitty We have the secondary for him to play his D. He doesn't need to worry about Offense. We won't have controversy because the media doesn't care about the Falcons.
  13. Thought I'd see this and get sad.....
  14. Belichick coached an 11-5 team and the last season was seen as not counting as the team was moving so they were never going to do well. Without that season he went 31-33. Carroll went 27-21 in NE much better than what Nolan did. Fox went 73-71 in Carolina. Nolan went 18-37 that is unbelievably bad..... .327 win % Since the NFCCG Smith has gone 6-18 a .333 win % THAT IS BETTER THAN WHAT NOLAN DID..... Nolan sucks at HC worse than he does at coaching our D. Mike Tice is 10x better at HC than he is, and he isn't good.
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