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  1. Also BTW this guy is the mountain now... It's probably him killing some poor bar wench/ village.
  2. I can't wait for the 'Only Cat' scene.
  3. The worst thing is once you finish the books, you hear all the theories about what is actually happening that you never considered but makes complete sense. You will feel like an idiot but appreciate GRRM more if any of them turn out to be true, because he shows us what each character POV sees but we don't realise we still don't see everything.
  4. Stannis is the one true King, you would be wise to remember that.
  5. .Up to this point in the show, I haven't really seen an adaptation of Stannis that is unredeemable or COMPLETELY different from the books. I hated Stannis up to this point in ASoS, and liked him a little more later on. I believe that is the entire point of his arc. People who already know where he ends up are the people seeing a different Stannis in the show. Patience, homies. True, I started to like Stannis because I started seeing him as truely treating everyone as equal. He doesn't care for titles but the content of a man's character.
  6. Love the Umber's. But that was one of the best lines of season 1 IMO;
  7. Yep ASOS is the best book I have ever read, the 2nd half is intense as well.... you are in for a treat.
  8. Love Stannis but the Show needs to make him more like the book.
  9. Yep and the other visions people have speculated are just as important... if not more.
  10. ^^^^ Honestly if I get all the books I don't care about the show. Worst thing would be the Show overtaking the books.
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