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    wnyfalconfan reacted to Optimus_Cr1m35 in Bold prediction: The Falcons will pick Penei Sewell.   
    You were saying?
  2. Haha
    wnyfalconfan reacted to Falcons_Frenzy in 2021 Draft Pickups   
    The Falcons should of drafted Koo's heir. He could of held a clipboard for 12 years then took over. The Falcons may never be in the position to draft a kicker ever again. Oh, and don't think they will ever find one in free agency. The kicker should have Georgia ties because that will mean he's good. Also, it wouldn't hurt if the kicker ran a 4.29 or better and has a cannon arm. I like running trick plays on madden. 
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    wnyfalconfan reacted to JayOzOne in Kudos to Fontenot and Smith on their first draft   
    I'm pumped. Fontenot said that they'd try to fill team needs through FA but draft for BPA. He didn't lie even though his board was different from that of a lot of fans. 
    Next year, I don't expect to see another existential discussion about "What Does BPA Mean" because exhibit A will be the 2021 draft class.
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    wnyfalconfan reacted to ya_boi_j in Kudos to Fontenot and Smith on their first draft   
    Heck. Speed is what ultimately killed Quinn. On the surface, the guys got football players
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    wnyfalconfan reacted to KRUNKuno in Kudos to Fontenot and Smith on their first draft   
    Fontenot was the guy I wanted as soon as the GM position opened up.  Aints rosters have always had depth and have been well rounded.  From the pro personnel side it’s clear to see that Fontenot knows what he’s doing.  Bringing in quality guys like Patterson, Harmon, Erik Harris, Mingo, Moreau, etc...not to bash Dimitroff and Quinn, but these are pieces we wouldn’t have seen here.  A lot of people here didn’t think he’d do well in the draft aspect because “that was all Mickey Loomis”, but it’s obvious that Fontenot knows how to work a draft board; trading down when needed, finding boom picks and value picks.  Now looking at the UDFA signings and again it’s clear that we are bringing in intriguing players that will push the competition in house.  
    Arthur Smith was a guy that I didn’t want lol.  However, I’ve grown to trust that this guy is no frills and all business.  He and Terry seem to be on the same page with a clear vision in mind.  They have worked this off-season masterfully together so far.  We won’t truly know the full extent of his coaching abilities until players get on field, but all signs point towards a positive outcome considering the synergy in the FO right now.
    High five, fist bump, daps all around.  Great job, guys! 
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    wnyfalconfan reacted to gazoo in Am I the only one glad we are restocking instead of rebuilding?   
    Man, this draft is working out as I’d hoped and as I had projected, Instead of rebuilding we are restocking. 
    I was told I was going to be sorry after we picked at 4, but I am thrilled we chose a stud unicorn instead of a QB. We also got one of the two safeties I was hoping for.  
    Matt Ryan was never the problem here. There has been no decline in his physical play. Looks like our front office and coaching staff accept this reality. 
  7. Haha
    wnyfalconfan reacted to gazoo in Kyle Pitts and Calvin Ridley training together   
    Patrick Swayze told me I was going to have to eat some crow because it was obvious we were going to select a QB with our top pick. We didn’t select one on day 1 or day 2.
    Anyone seen him around? Hope he is ok. 
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    wnyfalconfan reacted to Sui_Generis in Passed on - Trevon Moehrig. 😢   
    Richie Grant is a flat out baller. 
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    wnyfalconfan reacted to athell in I can't let this go, I just can't   
    All offseason we have had to deal with the QB@4 crowd being belligerent, antagonistic, patronizing and aggressive to anyone who dared suggest we weren't taking a QB at 4 no matter any of the real world reasoning and logistics behind it.  Some of you were downright brutal this offseason making it one of the worst offseasons I can remember.  TATF was a joke, full of trolls bashing on Matt at every chance they got and pushing their conspiracy theories as to why person x said thing y which SURELY means QB at 4.
    A lot of us told you the entire time you were wrong, and it wasn't a QB at 4.  You laughed at us.  You mocked us.  You got oddly aggressive with us.  You called us Matt Ryan "nuthuggers" I believe was the term...
    I just gotta say it...
    Jokes on you.
    Told ya.
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    wnyfalconfan reacted to falcons007 in Schultz: Did the Falcons draft the best player (Kyle Pitts) but pass on the best choice (Justin Fields)? - The Athletic (By Request)   
    That feeds the national media. The amount of disdain and lack of respect to future HOF in Ryan and Julio was disgusting. And, fans complain why Falcons players don’t get to HOF. It’s the media too a large extent decides the HOF players. 
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    wnyfalconfan reacted to athell in Schultz: Did the Falcons draft the best player (Kyle Pitts) but pass on the best choice (Justin Fields)? - The Athletic (By Request)   
    This line is what gets me...like this was THE ONLY TIME TO FIND MATT'S SUCCESSOR WE NEED TO DO IT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!  As Joe Thomas said yesterday on NFLN to Steve Smith "You act like Matt Ryan has 1 foot in a nursing home.  He has several great years left."
    The Falcons are counting on that. But there’s still a major issue they’re going to have to resolve.
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    wnyfalconfan reacted to FalconFanSince1969 in Schultz: Did the Falcons draft the best player (Kyle Pitts) but pass on the best choice (Justin Fields)? - The Athletic (By Request)   
    It's like they're just completely ignoring the GB situation.
    There's a difference between doing this crap on paper and doing it while maintaining a locker room.
    Oh yea, and the whole cap situation....
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    wnyfalconfan reacted to KRUNKuno in Schultz: Did the Falcons draft the best player (Kyle Pitts) but pass on the best choice (Justin Fields)? - The Athletic (By Request)   
    so the right choice was to pick a 2 year clipboard holder and waste his good contract years?
    Green Bay says hello
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    wnyfalconfan reacted to dirtybirds233 in Ok wth is this atlanta guy doing in espn, saying we drafted the wrong pick   
    The fact that Carolina AND Denver passed on him was shocking and tells me that there's something these professional scouts see in his game that was a major red flag 
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    wnyfalconfan reacted to JohnnyFranchise in 2021 NFL Draft   
    trust the scheme, my man, trust the scheme.
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    wnyfalconfan reacted to CTann in Thank god we have the 4th pick   
    I prefer to pick 32nd each year to be honest. 
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    wnyfalconfan reacted to KRUNKuno in So A-A-Ron is not happy?   
    That’s what happens when you draft a QB when you have a QB
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    wnyfalconfan reacted to JDaveG in Complimentary football and the draft   
    Randy McMichael was talking on the radio about something that I've thought a lot about the past few years.  I and others have talked about how Koetter's offense makes everything harder on the players and easier on the defense.  Randy Mac said, basically "you know why we paid Dante Fowler all that money?  Because he lived in our backfield that one game and was a one man wrecking ball.  You know why he did that?  Because he watched film and said "oh, they ain't tryin' to block the run.'"
    It wasn't that Koetter didn't want to run at all.  It's that he did not prioritize it and, more important, did little to disguise run vs. pass, so teams knew when they could pin their ears back and when they couldn't.  He did not run a cohesive system.  Arthur Smith does.  
    Now, Randy Mac's point was that our o-line isn't that bad, and so we can afford to go Pitts or QB at 4, because he thinks the linemen we have can be good with better offensive play calling.  I agree.  And I'll also say, that extends to the entire team.  We worry a lot about the defense, but if the offense is moving the chains and scoring points, that puts a lot of pressure on the opposing team, in a lot of ways.  First, their offense is going to become more one-dimensional.  Players like Fowler can now pin their ears back knowing the other team cannot run.  Second, their offense has to take more chances to catch up.  Sometimes that works out, but often it doesn't.  Third, their defense has to figure out how to stop the bleeding without letting us burn clock, which is a LOT harder since playing conservative on defense tends to mean "bend but don't break," which allows us to move the ball and bleed time off the clock.  
    That's why I think Pitts at 4 is the likely move here.  A guy like that gives your offense a dimension it lacks now, and the offensive personnel isn't bad right now.  The ways he affects the other team are not limited to him catching and blocking.  He draws coverage.  Coaches have to game plan around him.  He creates mismatches.  If the offense is more dynamic, the whole team is better regardless of defensive personnel.
    Now, add in the fact that we will add more players and have added more players on defense, and Dean Pees will hopefully be better than what we've had the past several years, and this team could be way better than anyone expects.  I still don't think we're legit championship contenders without improved defensive personnel.  But the team will improve with just that one move.
    Pitts at 4.  Send it.
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    wnyfalconfan reacted to gazoo in Schultz: Debates about Falcons’ draft and why trading top pick is a viable option - The Athletic   
    I totally disagree that is is some forgone conclusion as he implies. This is not logic, this is merely an opinion. 
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    wnyfalconfan reacted to ROMERO in JUST A LAST MINUTE THOUGHT   
    better be prepared for the Fields Fan Boys to throw a fit and cry because the Falcons didnt draft their hero. 
  21. Haha
    wnyfalconfan reacted to Jesus in Draft Night Behavior   
    I'm planning on dropping my mock draft on Sunday. I should have a good idea on team needs by then.
  22. Haha
    wnyfalconfan reacted to JDaveG in Draft Night Behavior   
    Man, you just ruined my plans to clown all the Fields fanboys tomorrow night.  Now I'm going to have to watch reruns or something after we pick.

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    wnyfalconfan reacted to Ergo Proxy in Falcons expected to take Kyle Pitts - today reporting - Graziano/Fowler ESPN per PFF twitter   
    Thanks for looking in your mirror. Not that you want to.
    You want a perfect QB. Hey, how is Russell Wilson doing or Aaron Rodgers?
    Neither of them have even sniffed a SB appearance with a defense as bad as Atlanta factually had in 2016.
    Boil the SB down to one play when oh wait you just absolved Matthews of a hold.
    It’s almost as if a sequence of plays is a sequence. Who holds the cards in that situation?
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    wnyfalconfan reacted to FentayeJones in 10 am press conferences.   
    "People make up things this time of year - throw rumors at the wall to see what sticks to fill air time" - Arthur Smith
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    wnyfalconfan got a reaction from GhostOfBukowski in What do you expect from the Falcons defense with Dean Pees as defensive coordinator?   
    A bend but don't break defense. I expect we will see how good Pees is when teams get to the red zone. That's where we will see him make his money. Turn some of those tds into field goals. The Falcons were the 19th scoring defense last year. I don't see why he can't improve on that. Fontenot made a big improvement to the secondary. That will be a big part of the defense's success
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