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  1. A bend but don't break defense. I expect we will see how good Pees is when teams get to the red zone. That's where we will see him make his money. Turn some of those tds into field goals. The Falcons were the 19th scoring defense last year. I don't see why he can't improve on that. Fontenot made a big improvement to the secondary. That will be a big part of the defense's success
  2. Yup. But you act like he won all on his own
  3. Mahomes had 29 yds rushing on 9 carries in his first SB. Damien Williams had 104. How come Mahomes couldn't run his way to a second Championship?
  4. Patrick Mahomes had a bad game in that Super Bowl. The Chiefs defense and their run game kept them in the game. Mahomes didn't deserve the MVP for that game. So are you trying to say Matt Ryan lost SB 51 for the Falcons and Shanahan?
  5. The Rams we're 42-27 with Goff. They went 9-6 with him this year and they had the #1 defense. He became a liability this season. Jimmy G is a liability also. He can't stay healthy. Plus Ryan hasn't had the same level of defense's that they have had. You can't be seriously trying to compare Jimmy G and Goff to Ryan. They aren't in the same league and their situations aren't similar
  6. The Rams went from 4-12 in 2016 to 11-5 and a playoff berth in 2017 to 13-3 and making the Super Bowl in 2018. Teams turn around and win quickly in the NFL.
  7. So you were prompted to say Ryan is regressing?
  8. If its exhausting to have to back up your claim the Ryan is regressing then don't say it. Don't act like a baby when people question you. If you're so smart you won't have an issue with backing your claim up
  9. The QB'S have made them prisoners of the moment and that's why they can't see flaws in them. It's basically take a QB at 4 or this regime has failed
  10. He layed the blame for blowing the 25 point lead at Ryan's feet. Its not the first time he's done it either
  11. Stephen A. blaming Matt Ryan for losing SB 51 proves that he doesn't know his elbow from his ******* when it comes to football
  12. I agree that Mularkey was a great fit for Ryans early years. The run game took pressure of of him but his passing attack wasn't very creative and if teams took away the run his offense could be limited. Plus it slowed Ryan's development which is why I said Shanahan unlocked Ryan's true potential
  13. I completely agree with you about his fit for Ryan in his early years. I just disagree that he was perfect for him
  14. Shanahan unlocked Ryan's true potential . If Malarkey was the perfect OC for Ryan then why didn't Ryan win the MVP with him?
  15. I don't care if they take a QB at 4. Why would I get mad at something I have zero control over? If Arthur Smith loses every game next year he deserves to be fired. The Falcons have a 4th place schedule with only a couple of top QB'S and WR'S to face. Its much easier than last years. If can't win games against lesser teams how could anyone expect him to beat the best teams in the league
  16. Pitts is considered by some to be a generational talent. If that is true, then that would make him far better prospect than any of the players you have named. Any trade down this year needs to have at least one day 2 pick included. 2 firsts in future years are great and should be expected if they trade down that far. The Falcons have a bunch of holes on this roster and they should try to get as many 2021 picks as possible
  17. Probably but I won't be completely shocked if they took Jones. Crazy stuff happens from time to time
  18. I think there is a small chance they do. It probably will be Lance at 3
  19. If the Falcons are going to trade back they would have to get picks in 2021. The 49ers gave the Dolphins picks in 2022 and 2023. If that was what was offered to Fontenot for #4 he was smart to say no. Moving back to 13 with nothing to show for it in 2021 wouldn't help this team now. Going from being able to get a player like Pitts or your QB of the future at 4 is better than what they would get at 13.
  20. I think he would do well in Arthur Smith's system. If the 49ers take him, he will be successful there. He's a good fit in the wco
  21. It wouldn't surprise me. I think he's a good QB and will probably be successful in the league but giving up multiple firsts to take him at 3 is nuts
  22. Watch him take Mac Jones at 3 and then watch millions of NFL fans laugh so hard they hurt themselves
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