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  1. Bad calls from officials are common in the NFL. They happen to every team. I'm far more annoyed that the Falcons didn't execute in key moments.
  2. All I can say is, you should try to grow a beard. It doesn't itch as much as you think
  3. Rich McKay was the GM for the Falcons when they acquired John Abraham in 2006. So if McKay was meddling in personnel choices you would think this team would have acquired at least one more since he's directly responsible for getting one of the best pass rushers in team history
  4. Because big strong armed mobile QB's never get sacked, right?
  5. Since the safety didn't bite on the double move, where was Ryan supposed to throw it? Is it now Matt Ryan's fault Calvin Ridley can't win a 50/50 ball once in his career?
  6. According to OTC, Grady's dead cap hit in 2022 is $7 million if he is traded pre June 1. The savings is $16.5 million
  7. At :21 seconds Devin White was behind a d-lineman. The window Ryan threw into closed fast and the only place he had to throw it was behind Pitts. Watch it again.
  8. Personally, Peyton Manning is one the greatest I've seen play. I can't think of many all time greats who I would put ahead of him
  9. Except I did watch football back then and I remember that narrative. The facts don't back it up like they do for the fans defending Matt Ryan.
  10. Tony Dungy was head coach for 13 seasons. He had 10 top 10 scoring defenses in that time https://www.pro-football-reference.com/coaches/DungTo0.htm
  11. Yeah probably. Because there's never going to be quarterbacks to draft again. Looks like we missed out. I wish this team wouldn't be so dumb
  12. Yeah I completely forgot that Gono was hurt and was probably going to start. My bad
  13. So are you saying it will be good for him to take his lumps?
  14. True. I didn't think about it that way. Good point
  15. I think Hennessey will be ok this year but Fontenot and Smith really dropped the ball on the LG position. Mayfield is just a project and letting him take his lumps doesn't seem like the best strategy. If he improves as the season goes on then great. But if keeps getting abused and his confidence is wrecked then you wasted a 3rd round pick. Seems like a risky strategy to me
  16. The same year they signed Brown and Carpenter to contracts totalling $39.75 million, the Titans signed Roger Saffold to a 4 year $44 million contract. Saffold was a far better player and a better fit for the Falcons but since Dimitroff has a blind spot when it comes to scouting o-linemen, we ended up wasting money on 2 below average guards. I honestly think he just got lucky when it comes to Matthews and Lindstrom
  17. Personally, I think he was an average at best safety that was over paid. That was a position that should have been upgraded with an actual safety not a converted corner
  18. Yeah. Giving big contracts to Jamon Brown, James Carpenter and Dante Fowler hurt this team big time. Throw in Ricardo Allen's contract too
  19. Lol. Oh ok. So because Fontenot didn't do what you wanted that means it has to be some grand conspiracy. Because it's impossible that Fontenot really loves Matt Ryan
  20. Having had time to rationally think over what happened on Sunday I do think that this team will look much better against the Bucs. Like you said, they shot themselves in the foot repeatedly. I don't believe the Falcons will beat the Bucs but it will be a close game and we will get a more accurate version of what this team is going to look like this year
  21. First you posted that Fontenot was a yes man puppet. 20 minutes later you're now saying Blank needs to get out of Fontenot's way so he can do his job. Is it that hard to keep up with all the ******** you're putting on here
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