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  1. The hiring of Joe Whitt certainly signals that they want increase turnovers. He has a reputation for his secondaries taking the ball away
  2. What drugs are proven to fight the virus? Not being able to bet a haircut or go to Fuddruckers isn't tyranny
  3. Marlon Davidson. I feel like he's that alpha dog type that this team has been missing. Sort of like Cam Jordan on the Saints. Their d-line feeds off of him. My hope is the Falcons get that from Davidson
  4. I think the new uniforms are solid. The white on white and the throwbacks look the best to me. I don't like the gradient uniform but its new and it may grow on me. Frankly I didn't like the last uniform change but it grew on me. I loved the uniforms they had before the change 17 years ago
  5. It's going to be brutal to watch Hooper leave and see the team give Campbell a contract. But that would be typical of Dimitroff and Quinn. Pay a player who played like garbage for more than half of the year. The only thing I can come up with for this regime is that the coaching and GM pool wasn't that good and that's why Blank kept Quinn and Dimitroff. Frankly just look at the coaching hires. Maybe Cleveland got one but they don't have a great track record. I just feel like we're in for a long season.
  6. Excuse me, but you really shouldn't bring facts or reality into this. It's all about living in your feelings
  7. Quinn is probably safe. It's clear the players love him and haven't quit on him. But that doesn't mean changes won't happen. They can't keep Koetter. He's handcuffed this offense. Frankly Dimitroff needs to go as well. I think Koetter was his hire and not Quinn's. In my opinion, you can tack the o-line mess on Dimitroff as well. If Quinn is fired, I'll understand. Starting the year 1-7 is inexcusable. But I can't see everyone coming back. Changes have to be made
  8. This makes me think of a something I heard Bill Belichik say in an interview. "Great players can't overcome bad coaching." I think about that every time I watch the Falcons. The talent is there but the coaching isn't
  9. Does anyone remember seeing this guy on here after losing 26-9 to a 1-7 Falcons team? Losing in that dump of a stadium they call home no less
  10. After all of the money and picks that were spent on the o-line, Ryan is on pace to be hit almost 130 times. It will be by some miracle that he doesn't get seriously hurt. Just unreal
  11. When it comes to figuring this thing out, who knows anymore. One minute you think it's the players. The next it's the coaches. It's almost like the perfect storm of both
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