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  1. Just remember, 7 qb needy teams passed on Justin Fields. I'm sure the Bears fans will welcome you with open arms
  2. Scuba diving. I got certified 14 years ago. I became an instructor 3 years ago and now I get to teach what became my passion
  3. There was an article in I think late March or early April that said Matt Ryan has been a steady presence in the building. Ryan's work ethic has never been questioned and maybe he's always been a steady presence in the building early in the offseason, I'll admit I don't know, but that comment made me very optimistic about this season. Whatever Fontenot and Smith said to him could have motivated him to take his work ethic to another level. If he masters the nuances of this offense quickly, this offense could be deadly
  4. As much as trading Grady would upset a bunch of fans but it makes a bunch of sense. The cap savings would be $13.5 million post 6/1 and $15 million at the beginning of next year. Plus, how much of a scheme fit is he in Pees system? I'm not saying do it, but if they do, I'll understand
  5. Man, Fontenot has really put his marketing background to serious use this offseason
  6. A bend but don't break defense. I expect we will see how good Pees is when teams get to the red zone. That's where we will see him make his money. Turn some of those tds into field goals. The Falcons were the 19th scoring defense last year. I don't see why he can't improve on that. Fontenot made a big improvement to the secondary. That will be a big part of the defense's success
  7. Yup. But you act like he won all on his own
  8. Mahomes had 29 yds rushing on 9 carries in his first SB. Damien Williams had 104. How come Mahomes couldn't run his way to a second Championship?
  9. Patrick Mahomes had a bad game in that Super Bowl. The Chiefs defense and their run game kept them in the game. Mahomes didn't deserve the MVP for that game. So are you trying to say Matt Ryan lost SB 51 for the Falcons and Shanahan?
  10. The Rams we're 42-27 with Goff. They went 9-6 with him this year and they had the #1 defense. He became a liability this season. Jimmy G is a liability also. He can't stay healthy. Plus Ryan hasn't had the same level of defense's that they have had. You can't be seriously trying to compare Jimmy G and Goff to Ryan. They aren't in the same league and their situations aren't similar
  11. The Rams went from 4-12 in 2016 to 11-5 and a playoff berth in 2017 to 13-3 and making the Super Bowl in 2018. Teams turn around and win quickly in the NFL.
  12. So you were prompted to say Ryan is regressing?
  13. If its exhausting to have to back up your claim the Ryan is regressing then don't say it. Don't act like a baby when people question you. If you're so smart you won't have an issue with backing your claim up
  14. The QB'S have made them prisoners of the moment and that's why they can't see flaws in them. It's basically take a QB at 4 or this regime has failed
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