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  1. I'm deeply concerned about this situation with McKay. It may end up being nothing but its not a good look right now. Thankfully its only the middle of October and not early January so Arthur has time to get this cleared up
  2. https://ninerswire.usatoday.com/2017/02/17/louis-riddick-was-very-very-close-to-joining-49ers-with-josh-mcdaniels/ One thing I'd like to add. If the Falcons hire Louis Riddick they may also hire McDaniels. And vice versa. Both almost went to the 49ers in 2017. Riddick says in this article that he and McDaniels are philosophically similar
  3. Josh McDaniels. He's shown that he can tailor his offense to a QBs strengths and his offense is balanced. Cam looked real good before he was put on the covid list.
  4. I did read it and its just getting old. That's all. I'm just venting. Don't take offense
  5. I like the idea of bringing in a Baltimore guy. So Joe Hortiz would be my pick. Bringing in some of their culture would be great. Their team's are always physical and tough
  6. Look what Mike Shanahan did with John Elway. Created a run heavy offense managed by an aging QB. There's no reason why that couldn't happen in Atlanta
  7. It only shows he's been more efficient over an 8 year span so I guess that means nothing if you have an agenda. So when Rodgers has injuries on his team they're just to much for him to overcome but when Ryan has injuries on his team he's supposed to overcome them. Definitely not a double standard there. It's not like Julio hasn't been injured and missed time throughout his career. Ryan started declining in 2018? You mean the year that was comparable to his MVP year? That was him declining?
  8. I just showed evidence that he's been more efficient than Rodgers over an 8 year span and all you have is "the eye test." Ok
  9. I was just asking about his age bit if you want to go there
  10. What are you talking about? Where did I say anything about injuries? If Koetter's play calling is trash then how is he supposed to be comfortable and confident?
  11. Koetter is pure trash. Thats why Ryan looks like he's declining. He has zero confidence in what he's doing and it shows on the field. I don't disagree that Rodgers is playing great this year but last year he was ok. He only completed 62% of his passes. That's average. 26 tds is meh from him
  12. Aaron Rodgers was not good last year. His play has been in decline for several years now. Matt Ryan was playing better than him for 4 straight years. This team isn't going into a full rebuild. It needs to get a coach who's, at a minimum, competent. They need to get better at some positions on defense but not a full rebuild. Again, how old was Aaron Rodgers?
  13. How old was Aaron Rodgers when the Packers hired Matt Lafleur?
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