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  1. It was no different than the shot Fontenot took at Dimitroff. I think most of us felt that this team has been poorly run on the sidelines and the front office for a while and I think we are going to find out how bad it really was
  2. I wonder if the 4.8 is more about Ryan Tannehill's limitations than Arthur Smith
  3. In Fontenot's first press conference he said he wasn't going to give any details away. In the Huddle and Flow podcast, when he was pushed for info, he told the hosts he told them before they went on air that he wasn't going to give any info away. Everything he has said about this roster from his opening press conference to both of the podcasts hes been on have been a lot of words and no substance. The hatred of Matt Ryan, blaming him for everything that has gone wrong and wanting him gone has blinded those fans to to the reality that Fontenot has said nothing
  4. The Eagles have one of the worst cap situations in the league. Its almost as bad as the Saints. Now they have 34 million in dead cap to deal with. The Falcons could have moved Ryan at any point and just eaten the cap hit. If anything, this shows that its likely that Fontenot and Smith believe they can win quickly with Ryan.
  5. I'm just trying to be fair. The scouting reports lined up with what I saw in his games. I've read that he's really smart and a hard worker. Maybe with coaching and work he can improve in the areas he struggles in. Maybe its just the system he's in. Thats for Fontenot, Smith and the scouts to figure out. I'm just a guy typing my thoughts on a message board
  6. Not looking at his worst games and having questions about why he played so poorly and instead just focusing on his good games is a heck of a way to do a player evaluation. Especially when said player is a one read QB with poor field vision and struggles with in pre snap blitz recognition that causes him to freeze and hold the ball to long
  7. Frankly, his play against Idiana, Northwestern and Alabama raised more questions than his 6 td game against Clemson answered
  8. Personally, I think Matt Ryan will see the end of this current contract. Look what Arthur Smith's play calling and scheme did for Ryan Tannehill. He was an average at best QB before Arthur Smith. Matt Ryan is a far superior QB. He gives this regime the best chance to win right now. Take the bpa at 4 or if a QB is there and a QB needy team wants that guy, trade back for a bunch of picks. Build the rest of the roster and then take your shot at a QB in 2023. Building a team will give a young QB the best shot at early success
  9. Jevonte Williams could be a real possibility if Harris and Etienne go in the first. He only has 360 carries in college so he doesn't have a lot of wear on him. He looks like a player who has yet to play his best ball
  10. I was only saying its not impressive to get 2 former teammates to come play with him. I never diminished him winning the Super Bowl. I never said anything like that
  11. Nobody wanted Brown. He didn't have teams beating his door down. And you can guarantee it didn't take much to convince Gronk to come play. So no, its not impressive
  12. Wow. Brady got 2 former teammates to come play with him. That's amazing. A toxic wr and a semi retired te. Stop acting like he got T.O. and Tony Gonzales to come out of retirement
  13. The league is catching up with what the Chiefs are doing with Mahomes. They seem to focus their passing game on intermediate and deep routes, let Mahomes improvise to help them work and don't adjust to a short passing game when teams take away the intermediate and deep routes. This will be an interesting offseason for the Chiefs. Will they make adjustments to their offense to put teams back on their heels or just keep doing what they have been doing and let the league continue to catch up?
  14. Interesting. This definitely gave me a better idea of what was going on during that season and I learned a little bit on how the WCO works. Thanks for the education. I always appreciate it when I get an education on the game
  15. So the friction was, more or less, just Ryan's frustration?
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