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  1. This makes me think of a something I heard Bill Belichik say in an interview. "Great players can't overcome bad coaching." I think about that every time I watch the Falcons. The talent is there but the coaching isn't
  2. I stand corrected. My bad
  3. Does anyone remember seeing this guy on here after losing 26-9 to a 1-7 Falcons team? Losing in that dump of a stadium they call home no less
  4. After all of the money and picks that were spent on the o-line, Ryan is on pace to be hit almost 130 times. It will be by some miracle that he doesn't get seriously hurt. Just unreal
  5. When it comes to figuring this thing out, who knows anymore. One minute you think it's the players. The next it's the coaches. It's almost like the perfect storm of both
  6. Recency bias is a heck of a thing
  7. Clean house. They paid 2 guards in free agency and 2 1st round picks on the o-line because Matt Ryan was hit over 100 times. He's on pace to be hit almost 130 times this year and he missed a game. Koetter is awful. He's handcuffing this offense. Just look at today and last week. He doesn't know how to take advantage of a teams weaknesses. The defense isn't getting better. It's reverting back to the historically bad version of it's self. It's time for a new vision and voice
  8. Koetter is trash. This is pathetic
  9. Maybe things change after halftime but he has no excuse with the weapons that are on this offense
  10. The Bucs are the 30th ranked pass defense and this is all he can muster with Ryan, Julio and Ridley. He's handcuffed this offense.
  11. Fire Koetter at halftime
  12. First I want to say the original post was great. It got me thinking and I enjoy reading stuff like that. Great job. In the one above I think you hit the nail on the head. Too many fingers in the pie. How many former GM's are in the front office? 5? 6? Plus Blank was evaluating Quinn with 3 of these guys and not one of them is Dimitroff. So does that mean he has 3 other guys evaluating Dimitroff? In my opinion, Blank is drowning in yes men who are only looking out for themselves.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised to see a blow out again given how well the defense has played. That being said I wouldn't be surprised to see a close game because Winston seems to always play well against the Falcons. I guess a key for me would be the play calling of Ulbrich and Morris. Do they have another game in them?
  14. All of this
  15. I personally don't think the Falcons will get Young. Because of that I'm more interested in Derrick Brown and Grant Delpit. I think the Falcons will have a pick where these one of these 2 will be the pick