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  1. He came into camp overweight and out of shape last year after being warned. He played sluggishly all last season. The other thing is the Saints wanted to get faster upfront and now boast the league’s second fastest O-line. That helps in zone schemes, on pulls, and especially on screens, which the Saints run a lot of.
  2. So Warford has been released and Ruiz will start just as I said he would. Ruiz will be the starting center and McCoy, who played extremely well last year but is better-suited for guard, will start at RG. Nothing curious about this move IMO. Warford was named to the probowl strictly off name recognition. Peat was injured, which explains his performance. Warford, on the other hand, struggled mightily—especially in the game against the Vikings. Some team will pick him up but he’s a player on the decline. The Saints were wise to upgrade the position with McCoy now rather than later, and are also getting a talented rookie in Ruiz who a number of personnel men and scouts believe can be a multi-year pro bowler at the center position. I wish Warford well.
  3. Ruiz will not be on the bench, this I can guarantee. And neither I nor the Saints will be upset if Queen goes on to have a DROY type of season (I wish him very well) because he was never in the Saints draft plans. If Ruiz has been off the board, they would have taken Zack Baun—the same LB they drafted in the third who only fell because of a diluted sample. As for getting a pick for Warford, while it might be ideal I frankly do not care if they do. Again, he is in the final year of his contract and carries a cap hit of $13 million. Whether they cut or trade him, they will save significant money. My bet is they will take him to training camp and look to trade him to a team that suffers a major injury at the position; if that does not occur, he will be cut. What he will not be, barring an unforeseen injury, is the Saints starting RG. Finally, some teams are smart enough to see a way to improve even when things appear good. Other teams wait for the dam to break before trying to fix the problem. Warford’s play declined last season. If you wait times make that move, Drew might not make it through his last season.
  4. Yes, they paid a lot for him--all of $1.1 million. He turned down a significantly more lucrative offer from Pittsburgh to come learn under Drew and Sean. Smart move on his part and good deal on the Saints part to add depth. This is why they arguably have the deepest roster in the NFL although the Ravens, 49'ners, and Bills are pretty deep as well.
  5. Yes, because the pro bowl is the litmus test for good performance. Ruiz will start and they will jettison Warford this summer. As for Peat, his play was not good last year but he did have an injury. He is good on pulls and screens and his value increases because he is the start LG and the backup LT. The free agent market at both positions was bare; in essence, you would have to replace two positions in addition to the having to find a replacement for Warford is [also] in the final year of his contract. The Saints made smart moves. And ever since Jeff Ireland has joined the staff, they have drafted very well. But your red and black glasses will say otherwise.
  6. His 3-cone was 6.78. That was the third fastest time of all players in the entire draft. He’s very quick and you can see it when you watch his tape. And because of his size, it is especially impressive.
  7. Sorry to hear that Neal's injury is season-ending. I hate it for him and I hate it for your team because I know he's such a key cog on your defense. Last year, Kazee stepped up when Neal and Allen went down and maybe Ishmael will do the same. As a fan who right now has to be a prisoner of the "next man up" mantra with Teddy being that next man, I know that is sometimes easier said than followed. I also know that it is easy to assume Neal's career is done. But the kind of grit he shows on the field, I cannot imagine him failing to attack rehab. We have seen Thomas Davis come back and play at an all-pro level and Neal is cut from same cloth. And I know Sheldon Rankins has had a broken leg and a torn achilles and is expected back as early as this week though I guess we will have to see how well he plays once he returns. Point is, I wouldn't write Neal off. I hate your team but I hate injuries more.
  8. As a Saints fan, I do not condone the stupidity of the posts you have alluded to. I post on SR and the vast majority of persons there are considerate and sensible, just as are Saints fans. But as with every fanbase, you get those persons who cannot overcome their own comfortable ignorance. It is no different than the Saints-Eagles game thread posted here where a few crazies were openly calling for Brees, Kamara and others to be injured. Unfortunately, sometimes all we share in common with other fans is just love for a particular team. But that shared love for team does not stop the idiots among our fellow brother and sisters in fandom from being idiots. They are just idiots who happen to like the same respective teams as we do.
  9. Notwithstanding my allegiances to the Saints, and the rivalry aside, I truly wish Takk McKinley well. Mental health issues can be so debilitating yet remain largely disregarded. I have a brother, a former Marine, who battles mental health issues; I also have a brother-in-law who also has some serious mental health challenges. In both cases, things are often day-to-day with moments of joy and moments of despair. I am really happy that Takk has a friend who is willing not only to listen but also to act. In instances such as this, a failure to act can lead to detrimental consequences. Takk is certainly a talented football player with a bright future ahead of him. But this is bigger than the game of football and for his long-term health and wellbeing I truly pray that he is able to get whatever help and resources he needs.
  10. The Saints covered the spread without exerting much effort/energy to do so. A 13-point spread against their biggest rival, treating most of the game like it was preseason. Enough said.
  11. Oh wow, sympathy much.I’d hate to be one of your family members. Anyway, I feel terribly for Tim Green. Such a debilitating disease. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.
  12. Nah, I’ll let the abusive anatomical relationship you have with your own genitalia continue to be your pastime alone. You’ll use it for those DIY projects you’ll be taking care around the house during the playoffs.
  13. I have come to the board when your team has won and lost. You can nickname it what you want. I do not expect a welcoming kiss whatsoever but if I see someone say something hypocritical or stupid about the Saints I will respond. The problem is not me, it is you. You are feeling butt-hurt. By the way, real internet gangsta move to say "get the **** out of here." Silly.
  14. Not trolling, not gloating. Whenever I come to this board, I am, by and large, respectful. But when you have someone make a silly comment, I am going to respond. To refer to the Saints as chokers when the Falcons have their own history of being choke artists is hypocritical. It is the pot calling the kettle black. My original intent was to come to the board to offer a perspective on how hard it is to recover from a 1-4 start until I saw this ridiculous thread. In any case, the Saints have been there. We had an 0-4 start and a 1-5 start. We battled back to .500 but could not get over .500 despite playing very winnable games against subpar teams both years. When you have a dismal start, it takes so much out of a team just to battle back. It did not surprise me the Falcons looked deflated, especially playing the second game in a row on the road. I would not be surprised if you all ended up 8-8. That's not shade or trolling--just a recognition that it is not easy to bounce back after a slow start, especially if your roster has been depleted by injuries.
  15. Playoff chokes. You might want to consider your team's own recent history when casting aspersions. You are the fan of a team that had the #1 seed in 2012-2013 playoffs. During the divisional round, they built a halftime lead of 20-0 against Seattle and led 27-7 after the third quarter only to watch Seattle score 3 touchdowns in the fourth to take a late lead. Your team barely squeaked by with a 30-28 win on a late Matt Bryant FG. But the near choke was not good enough. The very next week you hosted the 49'ners in the NFC Championship. Your team scored 10 in the first and 14 in the second to have a halftime lead of 24-14. The Niners went on to win 28-24 and your team did not score a single point in the second half. That is what choking looks like. The year before you might recall the playoff game against the Giants in which your team scored all of 2 points. And that came on a penalty in the endzone for intentional grounding on Eli Manning. Giants 24-2. That's just not choking, that's not showing up. Then to worsen matters you make it to the Superbowl and have a 28-3 lead on the Patriots only to lose 34-28. Worst choke job in history. You can say what you want about the Minnesota Miracle but nothing will top the Falcons' debacle against the Patriots. You went from celebrating and thinking about that Superbowl t-shirt and commemorative package you were going to order to having to watch your team fall apart before the world. Tell me how those facts taste?!!
  16. I knew precisely what you meant and I disagree. As I stated, other teams do the same thing. Again, I think the onus is on the league to penalize teams for delay-of-game in those scenarios. In this particular instance, however, we are talking a 5-yard penalty for a team who would have needed far more than 15 seconds to come back from being down 10.
  17. I think my team has a great chance of making it to the SB. But I think it is too early to say the division race is over. Carolina is sneaky good and will be competitive. Atlanta has some winnable games coming up though I would not sleep on Washington. So, I think the Saints have to keep playing, keep winning.
  18. It could have merited a penalty, no doubt. It was dumb and should have been a 5-yard penalty. Trash? Not close but I get that this is anti-Saints bias coming out. Again, I think it is very dumb whether it is a player on my team or another. But it happens a lot and hardly ever gets called. The league has to be willing to enforce it more. Heck, it got called during the Packers/Rams game and the commentators immediately alluded to how rarely it is called. This. I think most fans in the NFC South forget this. Each week, there is a lot of hoping and praying that the teams in the NFC South lose. But the teams in the NFC South are just darn good and have great QB play, for the most part. So each week, your team has to bring it and take care of what is right in front of them. Because the other teams in the South are not ceding much ground or going to allow it to be easy.
  19. My thoughts: It was a weird game. The Vikings forced the Saints to play everything underneath and they did. Smart. There was a time when Sean's cockiness, which I love most of the time, would have gotten the better of us. But he was very patient with the playcalling and Drew took what the defense gave him. Other than the interception, he really did not put the team into a bad spot. So in a weird game, and on the road against a quality opponent, I actually like that the team won without playing very well on offense. You have to learn how to win on the road in different ways and this will be valuable experience as the season moves on. I think Davenport will be well worth the trade if he stays healthy. Of course, I understand that none of you want to see it work out for the Saints just as I would not want to see any draft pick/trade work out for you all. That's fair. I do disagree with the idea that the Saints gave up too much. The league has made it hard to play defense and your best bet to have someone who can affect the passer. I think after QB, DE/LB (edge), LT and CB are the three most important positions on a team. This is why the Bears gave up two first rounders for Khalil Mack though the difference is he was already PROVEN. But we will see teams more willing to give up draft stock for a potential top flight pass rusher. And to be honest, I think people would question the trade far less had folks not bought into the idea [from TV draftniks] that Davenport was raw. As a person who has worked in football at the college and professional level, it was lazy analyses. Sure, Davenport did not put his hand in the dirt a lot at UTSA but that does not make a prospect raw. And all too often when a player comes from a smaller school, we see that label attached. Yet, scouts knew better and you know Jeff Ireland would know better as he is one of the best talent evaluators in the game. And so what has Davenport done so far this season? He has 4 sacks and a ton of hurries/hits on the QB in limited playing time and is only getting better each week. He almost had a third sack tonight but got dragged down. Should have been holding, which would have negated the long throw to Thielen on third down but the refs did not call it. It happens. Notwithstanding, I like what I see from Davenport. His athleticism and speed jump off the screen and he plays with extremely bad intentions.
  20. Yes, and they also will keep beating the Falcons. By the way, they rank ahead of the Falcons and give up 51 yards less per game so if the Saints suck on defense the Falcons are putrid. The run defense is stout and Lattimore is doing his job. Crawley and PJ Wiliams are the weak links. If the Saints add Peterson, an already improving defense will only get better.
  21. Deion did not say this; I think the original poster misheard. The host mentioned Julio's lack of touchdowns. Deion said, "Julio does not care about touchdowns, he only cares about winning. And money. He wants the money but I don't know how he is going to get it with a losing record." I took it to mean that if statistics, such as touchdowns, are not your barometer for success and winning is, and you are losing, then it is difficult to get more money. But even if this was not Deion's intended meaning, he still did not say that Julio does not care about winning. Instead, he said exactly what Julio stated as mentioned during the broadcast of the game--in the time he has been in the league, touchdowns have not mattered to have--only winning. It was admirable to me that Deion defended him rather than milking the moment by attacking Jones and Ryan [and Sark for that matter] over Julio's lack of touchdown production. Now, I'm a Saints fan. So you do not have to trust what I am saying here whatsoever.
  22. Very true. I can certainly understand it; it happens with fans of every team—certainly mine. Thing is, no one remembers the calls, even if few, go in their team’s favor. Like today Ginn bobbled a punt and Josh Jones of the Packers took a swipe at the ballas Ginn tried to possess it. Jones was whistled for fair catch interference. It was the correct call; the NFL rule is that the player should be allowed the chance to regain control of the ball even if he bobbles it as long as he has previously signaled fair catch. To me, it is a dumb rule even though it helped my team avoid a costly turnover. But in all the complaints about officiating, this call is unlikely to be mentioned as something that undermined the Packers.
  23. That is actually incorrect. Division record counts ahead of conference record so Saints would be the leader in the clubhouse. That said, I agree with you—no one is getting crowned after six games so technicalities at this point are pointless.
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