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  1. Sorry to hear that Neal's injury is season-ending. I hate it for him and I hate it for your team because I know he's such a key cog on your defense. Last year, Kazee stepped up when Neal and Allen went down and maybe Ishmael will do the same. As a fan who right now has to be a prisoner of the "next man up" mantra with Teddy being that next man, I know that is sometimes easier said than followed. I also know that it is easy to assume Neal's career is done. But the kind of grit he shows on the field, I cannot imagine him failing to attack rehab. We have seen Thomas Davis come back and play at an all-pro level and Neal is cut from same cloth. And I know Sheldon Rankins has had a broken leg and a torn achilles and is expected back as early as this week though I guess we will have to see how well he plays once he returns. Point is, I wouldn't write Neal off. I hate your team but I hate injuries more.