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  1. If he goes anywhere, it will be to Washington. Mark my word. Campbell is not the golden boy in DC, and the Skins are in a pretty good position to make at least an NFC champ run. Talk to a Redskin fan, and they'll tell you that Campbell isn't a great QB. The Vikings would be the ideal fit, but GB won't give up Favre to see him retire in purple and play GB twice a season. The Buccs have too much invested in their QB corp to justify moving Garcia back for an even older QB with even less seasons left in the tank. Gruden may love QB's, but having Favre at the expensive of a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round and late round pick is too much of a risk for a team needing youth on both sides of the ball. The Bears have no offense, and GB obviously has their reputation at stake. Therefore, no Favre in navy either. The Bills are no contender, and Favre will not continue to play in the fridged cold for a poor team. Lions do not need a QB and will not get Favre for same reasons as CHI and MIN. Chiefs suck too much for Favre. Same with Jets, Dolphins, Falcons. The Panthers might actually have a chance. They have poor QB play, even with a decent OL and solid WR corp. Their defense is playoff caliber. Favre's daughter, Brittany, goes to College of Charleston in South Carolina. And the family spends lots of time in SC.
  2. ****. I watched the movie tonight and it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like everyone else is saying, Ledger gave one of the best all-time performances I've seen in movies. I'm not a poet, so I will stop trying to describe perfection.
  3. i honestly think KB can steal jammals position away and become the starter if not this year, then by next year. jammal doesnt have the high motor like KB does. im just judging from JA's past season, but who knows if hes improved on that tho. im hoping he has but who knows. Anderson to TE , that's a joke ! Anderson has great potintial , See Mario in Texas! Only bad thing for us is we didn't go out and get a DT like Okoye to help Anderson like texas did last year in the draft , and that helped Mario to have a good year last year . So Andersons' year may not jump up like Mario's did , and most likly will not untill we get him some help in the middle . If KB comes in and is better, than Anderson will not start. Smith made this clear. Besides how it's a far stretch to mold a top 10 pick into a TE, Anderson does have receiving experience his whole life until he came to Arkansas.
  4. I gotta say no to this. Jenks is a possession type WR. He isn't a guy with shifty hips, great ball vision, or precise routes. He overpowers. All of these traits would make him a bad DB.
  5. An old man walks up to a young man and says "Boy, I'm longer soft than you are hard". The boy says "No way, I'm huge". The old man says "I've been soft for 6 years"
  6. i honestly think KB can steal jammals position away and become the starter if not this year, then by next year. jammal doesnt have the high motor like KB does. im just judging from JA's past season, but who knows if hes improved on that tho. im hoping he has but who knows. I wouldn't jump to conclusions yet. KB hasn't played a down yet and Anderson only has one season under his belt. But if KB comes out and is a machine at NFL speeds, then Anderson could move to TE or possibly DT.
  7. That's what I was thinking. This trade really makes me wonder what a team like the Bucs would be willing to give up to get Favre.
  8. The great American Ice Cream Famine has begun!!!! ahahahahaha. Good find SB.
  9. I'm a homer too, but if we have a defense that can't stop the run. Can't defend the pass. And has no depth, then we're gonna give up a lot of points. And if our offense can't block for the run or pass, then we're gonna have a lot of 3 and out drives.
  10. So we have the worst Dline, DB's, Oline, QB's, and TE's in the league... It might be a really long season guys.
  11. I have respect for boarders. My best friend was a junior olympic skier, and he quit boards because he said he couldn't continue to beat the shyte out of his body like that.
  12. Well....I don't know...I said Tiger until I saw Jordan. Jordan for the most part played, night in and night out, against five guys at once....Tiger....only himself and the elements. But all of the championships and golf supposedly....well...I'm not gonna turn this into a "race" thread, but Tiger was supposedly out of his element. But he continues to dominate the opposition. In any other sport, you are playing your team versus theirs. In golf it's you versus the world. The things Tiger is doing are against international fields of 100+. And he's still dominating. Show me once when Jordan played with a blown ACL and two stress fractures. Show me once when Jordan dominated 100+ players at the same time. ****, look at what Jordan does when he's playing golf. I've heard Tiger refer to him as his personal ATM. He's lost so much money to Tiger it isn't funny. If he's a world class athlete, why can he not keep up with Tiger on the course? Tiger has dominated every world class athlete he's ever played golf against. I'd be willing to bet he'd be good at any sport he puts his mind to because his mind is what sets him apart. I'm sorry, but that just doesn't work. The fact that Tiger can dominate with a blown ACL only shows how little physical prowess golf requires. Jordan couldn't win with a blown ACL because the competition is so high that even the best must be in near perfect form. Basketball uses every muscle in the body. Golf does not. The fact that Tiger can beat other athletes at his sport is meaningless. Obviously the advantage he gets from playing daily since he was 1 will make him so much better than a guy that picked up the game after he retired from his sport. The mind sets apart most players in their sport. There is a reason why just running a 4.3 won't make you a good RB. There's a reason why throwing a 70 yard ball won't make you a good QB. The mental toughness and ability to slow down a game is what sets apart the greatest players in each sport. Tiger is able to envision his every motion in his swing, and pick very small mechanism to alter to make his shot trajectory change. Steve Nash is able to envision a second a head of time in the fast break, which makes him such a great assist man. DHall could read the pass just off the WR's eyes, which is why he was so good at hawking for passes. Superior mental abilities isn't significant solely to golf.
  13. Tennis doesn't take speed. It does take quickness, though, and you made some good points.Maybe not top end speed, but a player will run 12-20 yard shuttles for up to a minute during a long rally to get to the cross court shots. I know Federer and Nadal are fast. Not cornerback fast, but I have little doubt they could put down good times on the 40. Roddick has a wicked intense workout that I read about once. For the discussion, I won't consider Tiger in the group. I'm a 3 handicap golfer. Played everyday of every week for most of my youth. I can say that, not being anywhere near Tiger's shape would not hold back my score by very much. Phil Mickelson has man-boobs, and is the 2nd best in the world. There are not man-boob having 2nd best player in football, mma, boxing, tennis, soccer, track, swimming, cycling. Golf requires strong hips, legs, and back muscles. A golfer stands over the ball for about 15 minutes over the course of 18 holes. 15 minutes. A round takes about 3-4 hours. Most of that is spent thinking about the shot, or walking to the ball. Stamina is more about coping with summer heat and dehydration, and not muscle fatigue. I can't say I had too much lactic acid buildup when I golfed.
  14. BirdofPrey, do you realize that the cartoon in your sig of terrorists fist jab was meant to make fun of people like YOU?
  15. I haven't seen much love for tennis. Those guys are incredible athletes. The sport takes balance, speed, stamina, strength, strategy, mental toughness. Everything football takes, except it takes more precise hand-eye and body coordination than football.
  16. dirty move to bring up is past addictions. 22 year old Favre is going to be a different person from 63 year old 2008 Favre with a wife and family.
  17. What about Miller Coors? I believe Coors was bought by Molson (Canadian) a few years ago. I think. Ya, they merged. I just forgot who took over who.
  18. HOW huge? I wonder if they will reformulate Bud? Of course not, since the people that drink are satisfied drinking waste. It's the best of the cheap beer. Superior drinkability!
  19. "It's better to be a dissatisfied thinker, than a satisfied pig" Socrates.
  20. What team would realistically want Favre? He would have to learn a new playbook, mesh with a new O-line and WR's. He would only last a season or two max, and no team, that is a SB contender, needs a QB for just 2 seasons.
  21. LMAOhm, seems he is. dunno whats so funny. Five years in a row. and Jerry Rice is a pro bowl WR.doesn't mean he can go get 1000 yards this year.If Rice spent several years in his prime playing TE, then I see no reason why not to expect him to go back to pro-bowl level if he moved to WR. If that's too far out for you, remember that brooking was a solid MLB. Not great. But not terrible either. He was playing out of position. Now he can go back to his comfort zone, where he has confidence. No reason to think he won't succeed.
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