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  1. Wouldn't a vet of his caliber want a final chance at a championship?
  2. We'll find a way to win 4-5 games to leave us out of contention for a real impact player.
  3. Matt working on his chemistry with Pitts during Week 1. You can tell.
  4. This Run Block O-Line looking like Turner's first year here.
  5. Offense looks good but Defense looks bad. Just as expected.
  6. Falcons are expected to take Pitts per ESPN. So you got to go with that if you are a betting man. I wouldn't be surprised if we took Fields though.
  7. What happened to Arthur Smith and the Falcons posturing for trade value after his statements on the Rich Eisen show? Now when Blank says "Matt is our guy" it is the gospel truth? Seems like many people will believe what they want to fit their agendas.
  8. Hiring a rookie GM and Head Coach should have given you signs of a rebuild. This is not even playoff roster nonetheless a championship roster we have right now.
  9. We are now approaching Stage 1 of Denial for many of the posters here.
  10. Hear it from the horse's mouth. Sounds very uncommitted to the future of Matt Ryan. "I can't predict the future". Expect Fields/Wilson to be drafted to run that "speed option" Arthur Smith referenced during the interview.
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