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  1. Shanahan has gifted the Pats the Super Bowl and Quinn another year. Thanks Kyle.
  2. And y'all want another year of Quinn?
  3. Will Quinn have a Black Friday?
  4. Quinn is a great cheerleader. Not playcaller.
  5. Drafting Aj would be a reach at our draft position. Chase is a once in a lifetime talent. Rather have Brown than AJ
  6. Ulbrich may have saved Quinn's job if he keeps this up.
  7. I hate Dan Quinn is getting credit for this defense on TV.
  8. Can Quinn use this for us to keep him? "Keep me and Ulbrich stays?"
  9. Why can't we have both a great offense and defense at the same time?
  10. Ulbrich is putting them in position to succeed. Quinn did not.
  11. Can we keep Ulbrich as DC? This is phenomenal.
  12. My goodness Ulbrich is showing out. What a difference.
  13. Quinn is gone before the bye week.
  14. Dan Quinn should be thanking Kyle Shanahan.
  15. Don't worry Dimi will make the next great HC hire.