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  1. Good video. I'll give it a chance.
  2. Can't even touch Rodney Anderson. This is a practice squad body.
  3. I'm sorry this pick is baffling
  4. How is Walker still available?
  5. Seems like he will fit right in
  6. He's a a special teams guy
  7. Rather have Dirk back over Bevell
  8. You have to get rid of him at this point.
  9. I can't see Blank being Ok with this,
  10. Its not tanking, We aren't beating the Packers, Panthers, Bucs. The Cardinals game is 50-50 at this point.
  11. Matt is 34 next year has about 2-3 good years left. We need a replacement Qb regardless of what you think of Matty. This coaching staff also needs to go.
  12. Defense is garbage
  13. So kicking a chicken, slaughtering it, then eating is morally better? Most American farmers are sick but we still fund their businesses.
  14. Dimitroff was not responsible for the NFL Draft this year. He did nothing but read Pioli's notes. From the horses mouth:
  15. Mike Smith was our GM last year. Not Dimi.