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  1. I simply don't trust Dimi to hire a good coach after Quinn gets fired. That alone should get him fired.
  2. Andrew Thomas with the #1 pick?
  3. #1 pick Tua looking likely at this point.
  4. I'm more concerned with Matty and this offense struggling against this awful Cards defense.
  5. 4-12? Show me 3 wins after we lose this game: vs. Rams vs. Seahawks @ Saints @ Panthers vs. Bucs vs. Saints vs. Panthers @ 49ers vs. Jaguars @ Bucs
  6. My goodness what happened Quinn?
  7. Team is awful. They would make Josh Rosen look like Tom Brady at this point.
  8. Watson figured out Quinn pretty easily.
  9. Basic is giving us too much credit.
  10. One of the worst contracts. He is a bottom 5 starting RB in this league getting paid Top 3 elite money.
  12. Matty needs 2 more INTS to match his season total last year.
  13. Good video. I'll give it a chance.
  14. Can't even touch Rodney Anderson. This is a practice squad body.
  15. Seems like he will fit right in