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  1. Ankle Tape>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.. hurt my ankle a few times a little roll, then just keep bangin' it around at practice, so ankle tape>>>>>>>>>>
  2. You guys are used to 120 and all that, this is ******* Canada, I've never been in above 100 in my life, and then the pads and helmet just hold in heat, and his goal was to make us puke so if you're 1/2 assing it he'd run us all night, but if you run hard you get sick and you're gone in 30-45 minutes, it was pretty brutal.
  3. Lets start with B.C. having a record heat wave, case in point monday we set a record for the hottest day in history, tuesday we broke it, today it was broken again. And today our coach being in a bad mood cause one of the vets and the QB mouthin' him off, decided to run us untill someone threw up. I was 4th on the list of people to puke, I know this won't mean anything to you guys or people in Miami and ******* Cali but 39 degree's C is pretty ****in' hot for us. I'm so nausious
  4. Roll emm all at once, then go to the table, cause it's in the rug and it's gone forever now, even buds you do get will be covered in lint, which you def don't wanna smoke, it's just a cut and dry loss. I've been swervin' pretty hard and I can't remeber droppin' my buds on the ground, but I gots a table to bust onto but there are the occasional ones that fall out in the car and they're lost I'm not smoking no ****in' lint.
  5. I think the CFL works fine, if you're realy good in the CFL you stand a chance of being a back-up in the NFL, then you get good as a back up and you start eventualy pretty much what happens in baseball developmental leagues. The difference is the NFL looks at players to be impact at a young age, baseball is less physical and so they can be 27-31 when they start to be impact players. If you're a running back that is developing and you have the potential to be a star, but you're going to be 29 when you get there, how many NFL teams will want you when they can get a guy who's 7 years younger and
  6. I'd Like Bryant McKinney off the Vikings, Hutchison is good, but McKinney is the big dawg on that OL. 6'10 385lbs LT Bryant McKinney runs a 5.1 40 yard dash, ohh yeah and he allowed exactly 0 sacks in his entire NCAA carrer, He's been the NFL's best pass blocker this decade, and uhh first Chester Taylor breaks out, the Adrian Peterson is the best back ever, McKinney and his linemate are big reason for that, and lets just face it with Big Bryant McKinney protecting his back-side Matt Ryan would be very happy.
  7. 'Canes super talented, young and good, they lost last year cause they started 17 freshmen on a 22 player list, those requriting class's are about to pay off.
  8. Anquan Boldin I dunno there's something about that name that makes you think damd this nig*er is going to run circles around me all day. A white guy told me this, Anquan is Nig*er for FAST!, then Boldin is a pretty sweet last name to go with it. I like Frank Gore it's pretty apped, especial cause he's a power back.
  9. From the way spring practice is breaking down, The 'Canes will come out 3-1, or even 4-0, Benjamin and the other sophmore #4 have looked like ligitmet threats, Harris is looking like the real deal at QB and Jackson is looking beastly this season with #2 they have a ligit 1/2 punch with 2 potential all americans back there. And the coaching staff thinks at least 3 of the 'Canes big men up front will go all-america, and all 5 would find the all confrence list, remeber all 3 of them are sopmores coming off freshman years together this group will be solid up front. The offense might not just be go
  10. The other big thing all these people who are voting Fitz is he would likely be taking Michael Jenkins spot on the outside and we use Mike Jenkins as a big time blocker out in space for our running game, Fitz is a good blocker but he isen't no Mike Jenkins, Mike's one of the best in the buisness, Anquan Boldin on the other hand is a part of the elite group of blocking WR's, he plays the game with alot of physicality and it is a big time playmaker not to mention there's a possiblity of him being avalible, I'm not saying sell the farm, but if the asking price was resonable, I'd love to have Boldi
  11. With Sean Spence, Sheldon Benjamin, and Marcus Forsett in my sig and a statment about the Canes winning the Sears trophy I would hope I'm a Canes fan, team looks good this year, they were great athletes last year, but with 8 offensive starters in there freshman year, 9 defensive starters in there freshman year, at some point the older more experenced teams are gonna get the upper hand on you, The Canes have the best atheletes in the contry Benjamin is arguably the best WR/KR in the NCAA, Forsett is the unquestioned best DT in the whole NCAA, and Sean Spence is the best of 3 outstanding Linebac
  12. I'd defently take the best reciver in the dessert on offense, Anquan Boldin, Fitzgerald has always been good but Anquan has always been better, still is he's one of the best WR's ever after the catch he's explosive can change directions on dime and will run over DB's and LB's all day. Don't Belive me, Anquan "beast" Boldin On Defense I'd love to add Peppers to the LDE position, making our pass rush best in the league. Does that make us a superbowl team, yes, a Running team with 4 great options to the throw the ball to Boldin, White, Gonzolez, and Douglas, Matt Ryan would be killing teams. Defe
  13. Smoke Rock don't ya, Peppers has only played 2 years as RDE, before that Rucker was always the RDE, Peppers has always been a LDE.
  14. hahaha, carlton baged a pornstar, someone wanna tell him I've seen every part of his girls body, so have about 1,000,000 other guys.
  15. Ever tried a moonwalk in cleats, a moonwalk--sliding backwards on your toes, cleats--shoes with spikes to prevent sliding, somehow I think he would have failed at the moonwalk.
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