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  1. Ankle Tape>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.. hurt my ankle a few times a little roll, then just keep bangin' it around at practice, so ankle tape>>>>>>>>>>
  2. You guys are used to 120 and all that, this is ******* Canada, I've never been in above 100 in my life, and then the pads and helmet just hold in heat, and his goal was to make us puke so if you're 1/2 assing it he'd run us all night, but if you run hard you get sick and you're gone in 30-45 minutes, it was pretty brutal.
  3. Lets start with B.C. having a record heat wave, case in point monday we set a record for the hottest day in history, tuesday we broke it, today it was broken again. And today our coach being in a bad mood cause one of the vets and the QB mouthin' him off, decided to run us untill someone threw up. I was 4th on the list of people to puke, I know this won't mean anything to you guys or people in Miami and ******* Cali but 39 degree's C is pretty ****in' hot for us. I'm so nausious
  4. I knew it was something like that, I just don't have the language to articulate it in that way I tried, but after reading it confused myself and went with just calling it sugar cause that's quite the bit of explination for a simple, it's used in the mucles so you gain size and strength faster.
  5. Most creatines are a start workout thing, Creatine is broken down sugar, basicly if you eat something sugary your body creates two things from it, 1 is fat, the other is energy (creatine), the creatine is what makes your mucles move. Thus you take it before hand and your mucles will have more energy, endurance and fat hanging around, the energy and endurance are odviously needed as you lift weights, the fat that is hanging around is accualy what you're about to convert into mucle mass. Most people take another creatine (size on/evolution/xpand) afterwards, this allows for the body's water retention to stay in the mucles making them appear bigger and also gives you a steady kick of energy that will last you through the day, then they take protien just so the body has everything it needs to fully recover the mucles and gain mass. If you have a good 1/2/3 in these spots, my favorite 3 we're Armagedon, Evolotion, and 2:1:1 recover you should never feel "sore" after a workout, regardless of how hard you do it, normaly what happens is you tear the mucle fibers and in recovering them you feel sore but when they've recovered you're stronger/bigger, what the 3 do, is 1 give you extra stregth through blood flow, and all the essensial building blocks for mucle fibers before and after, so although you tore the mucle fibers because your body has what it needs to help them recover already, they recover alot faster. Those 3, Armagedon before, Evolution durine, and 2:1:1 recover are the 3 that saw me post a gain of 18 lbs in a single month (that was also down 3% in body fat as well, but I warn you I took those cause they work, Armagedon tastes like a mixture of cough syrup and chalk, evolution tastes like licking the dust off of your television, and 2:1:1 recover tastes like chalk with a chocholate thinge. As a tip when taking a GOOD pre-workout, you should see these things happen to your body, 1 your pupils will dialate, if the NOS is doing it's job you should see your pupils grow to about 3/4 of your entire colored eye, basicly if you smoke pot it should look the same without the red eye. 2 you should have an over abundace of energy (pumped), 3 you should be stronger than you remeber when I first started I think it ended up being 25 lbs on my bench press imediatly, and it was 90lbs added to my squat weight. play it by ear, start with your orignal weight, when you get to the rep count you "used" to use you'll still be able to keep going it's akin to running a car on empty and seeing how far it goes, then running it at full and seeing how far it goes, all your doing is putting fuel into your mucles the car is still the same.
  6. Yeah Creatine is pretty solid stuff, only thing is you probaly took a pre-workout creatine, thus explaining all the extra energy the one you take after workouts should give you a slight kick but it shouldn't be alot of energy.
  7. You fool this is anything but football, now you've ruined it, the ********! we told them...(man quitly sobs)...The FOOLS!!
  8. I had the UA agilty's, they're painful at first but once they're worn in they're light and comfy, but honestly they're just training shoes they don't do anything, pretty much anything light is gonna be solid and they aren't anything special, but if you're gonna spend the money they aren't that bad.
  9. Did well, passed out on the feild in the not so ritsy part of town yesterday after camp (5pm) woke up at 8 like, **** running and sun-stroke can realy take it outta you. Don't worry, even if you're in the bad part of town in Vancouver, it's like the nice part of town in the states, it wasn't that bad, probaly not cool to be sleeping 100 yards away from where the herione addicts go to shoot up, but still a decent little nap b4 I went into the clubhouse to grab my **** and go home. I'm so dehydrated now though, my skins flaking, my mouth is dry, I feel like death!
  10. 2-a-day's = awesome workout for sure, those were some brutal 2-a-days these coaches weren't nice at all, me and 4 guys were left standing at the end of practice running, everyone else "pulled, strained something"/started throwing up from the heat/hard work", apparently training in the off-season wasn't necesary but the only 5 that were realy on it were still standing.
  11. I like Rapid-Cuts, I had my biggest weight loss phase's on that, but you gotta remeber I didn't just sit with those, I worked out, but Rapid Cutz is a good one if you want one it will raise you body temprature causing you to sweat just remeber use deoderant.
  12. I'll be at the funeral pencilpusher, keep it up and you'll be dead within' the year.
  13. Push yourself through and you'll notice, the payback is dimes talking to you, dimes hangin' on your arm all day, it's a great thing. I just started a new job, we had a holiday monday so yesterday, and the hot chick in the office first thing started chatting me up, started touching my hands up the arms accross the chest, I was just like I don't even gotta work for this, deal, chick is drop dead gorgous too, spanish, nice rack (D's), J-lo ***, and I think her waist is smaller than my thigh. Not only that you'll start to notice you're becoming a good athelete if you do it hard enough 2 weeks and you'll start to notice the lower body workout's when you run or jump, you can do any 8 excersises for legs as long as the first one is squats, and the last is leg press, superset that with a calf raise. It took me 3 months and I'm doing over 1 tonne on the leg press/calf raise (that's 2,000 lbs), but trust me I know what I'm doin' later that day when I'm doing legs just remeber when you do legs go as hard as possible and don't do ANYTHING involving running or alot of walking for the next 2 days. Trust me, the people who are always in your gym will start to notice you too.
  14. Here's my issiue BWD, it's gonna be harder to put mass on while you're small then when you're big, essensialy when you're lifting weights you are using your stored fat to burn and turn into mucle. So your Idea that you're going to try to put on 15 lbs of mass after you have lost the weight is flawed, start lifting heavy weights low reps and superseting, I like to do upperbody as 1 day, and lowerbody as another day. Start lifting while you still have the fat on your frame, and you'll start to see better improvments in your weight loss and you'll be helping yourself build the mass you want, this is a lesson I learned the hard way, and one of the reasons I have been so succsessful at putting on mass is I started lifting seriously at 270 lbs. My suggestions for a full upperbody workout, start 15 minutes of Cardio High intesity Bench (Max weight 3 reps) Lats (chose a machine, chose a free weight, work you lat any which way you want, just heavy weights no more than 6 reps, if you don't damd near fail on the last rep you're doing it wrong) (4 supersets between those 2, so bench 30 seconds rest, lats, 30, bench 30, lats, 1:30, bench, 30 lats, 30, bench, 30 lats) Bi's and tris Any 2 follow the pattern up above and make the block 2, block 3, with be sholders and traps any two work outs again superset them and keep a fast pace high intesity 30 seconds is about long enough to go get water and move to your next set the only real break you should take is the minute and 30 second one. block 4 will be Cardio for 5 minutes block 5 will be your ab's and poly's, pick 2 ab workouts 1 side bend, and 1 sit up I love the fireman sit up (a normal sit up but let your legs fall to the sides so you're legs are in meditation position (knees are on the ground almost, then sit up it forces you to use your lower abs to sit the whole way up), this is where if you're going to throw up it'll happen here, start with your side bend do 20 reps with a 45 lbs weight, run 3 laps of an average distance, get back and do your sit ups, run, sidebend, run, sit up, run, side bend run, sit up run, side bend run, now rest for 1.5 minutes get water. (you could also sub straight running for a ladder, a running jumping excersise, anything polymetrics will work as the "rest" between your ab sets.) block 6 8 minutes of high intesity cardio Now it's gonna be a tough workout, you'll go home or to work sore, tough it out for 2 weeks and you'll start to notice you're putting on mass and losing weight at a rapid rate, now if you think it's tough, remeber I was doing this with a PT (so I couldn't cheat at all) when I was 270 lbs, now I'm 204, with 184.5 lbs of fat free mass. it's a good workout you just have to tough it out, and there will be moments where you're like what the **** am I doing I'm so exasted, just don't let yourself quit.
  15. Hamstrings are one of the worst injurys you can have, the best advice is alot of rest and ice, problem being hamstrings handle any movement forward, meaning when you walk/run/jog or otherwise move your delaying your recovery, Hamstring injury's have a tendancy to be nagging and last for very long stretches of time. My advice try and Ice bath once everyday the most painfully cold water possible and sit in that for 15 minutes, but even then it probaly will be a nagging injury right through August and September if you did any sort of serious damage, pulls turn into tears very fast so take it easy on this. The best thing for Hamstrings isen't recovery it's prevention, before you hurt yourself you need to run regularly, need to do hamstring curls, bloth laying flat on your stomach and sitting down, and a glut/hamstring raise would be effective, the stronger your hamstring is the less likely you are to hurt it.