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  1. He is not the right Qb for a run-oriented team. He needs to find the rythm, you can't make him pass just on third and long or when you are trailing. This is the first season we are a pass- first team. And we see the difference...
  2. No way! He sucks at head coach position. Tell the world he sucks. We need him here....
  3. I love our defense and what Nolan is doing with the players he has. Just show him the money Blank...
  4. Opponent punt return yardage Our punts are so short that opponents don't need to return them...
  5. no doubt about that I'm saying it since week 1
  6. I forgot about 5- the punter 6- the o-line 7- ryan has reached his best Who's ******** now? Me or people talking about superbowl, no more than a month ago?
  7. I've seen them. I don't agree If they fix their defense they are a good team
  8. I have seen many Qbs trying, at least, to escape from pressure. Ryan used to do it in his rookie season He looks like he can't do it any more. I don't know why
  9. Our Qb is regressing Our o-line is horrid We have a joke of a punter Our coaches....
  10. We are just average And like average teams, we lose games and we win games. We are a 8-8/9-7 team Nothing more
  11. I saw that too His pocket awareness is awful He wasn't that bad in 2008
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