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  1. Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well today!

  2. Is your photo on my topic meant to be funny? if so i don't find it funny at all. Drunk driving is a very serious issue and many people have lost their lives to someone who just wanted to have fun with alcohol. I ask that you don't post anymore of these types of photos on my topic.
  3. Thanks but i don't drink, smoke, or do drugs. I do understand what you're saying though but i still have no sympathy for any man millionaire or not to be driving drunk or near drunk.
  4. With all of the money, fame, name recognition, and popularity, why is it a problem for millionaire athletes to stop driving drunk? I have no sympathy or tolerance for men that make more money than the president of the United States when it comes to them driving drunk. I strongly feel that there should be some serious clauses put into the contracts of pro athletes concerning their behavior on and off of the field. Maybe if their contracts got hit with a big reduction in pay or they would be fined with 2 to 3 games of no pay, these pro athletes would clean up their acts? What's your opinion o
  5. Certainly i look at players who stay out of trouble and do good things in the community. You can't save the world but you can atleast try when you now have the resources and name recognition to do so. And to me Warrick Dunn was that man, but now he's gone on to bigger and better things in his career.
  6. After reviewing the current Falcons players this season i'd like to ask the members here what Falcons player do you admire or respect the most out of all of the players on the team right now?
  7. Even if the Falcons win 3 to 4 games straight will some of your answers still be no to attending all home games?
  8. Hello Falcon's fans i'd like to ask you will you try to attend every Falcons game this season if you can? i'm sure alot of you may not attend the out of state games, i'll just ask you about the at home games.
  9. I have to agree with you there, the Falcons are a young team and hopefully this could be a good thing but only a few more games will give the Falcons fans more of an idea what to expect for the upcoming season. I'm pulling for the Falcons this season and hopefully all goes well for them.
  10. Since there have been new changes made for hopefully a much better Falcons team this season, i'd like to ask other members here how well do you think the Falcons will do this season?
  11. I'm going to believe the Falcons can make it this season due to the many changes the organization has made and are continuing to make. Arthur Blank is a man i truly respect and i have so many things i could say good about him, because he's given people a chance to be apart of his organization who may have not even deserved to be there. I sincerely hope that the Falcons players stay out of the off the field trouble, and make a difference in their community with positive images of themselves in the public eye. In my opinion the Michael Vick issue needs to rest, i feel that Michael had an oppo
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