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  1. 1)More aggressive offensive play calling and better distribution to guys like HD/Weems/Meir-when he's healthy(This falls on Ryan improving deep throw accuracy and distribution as much as on MM opening it up and running more receivers in his sets) 2)DE with 10 sack potential (A guy who pulls at least some attention from Abe) 3)SLB with coverage and playmaking ability(I like Nicholas but he's fairly average in terms of playmaking a good choice may be the panthers James Anderson in FA he is always around the ball) 4)OL issues (Baker must improve on LT or slide over to RT and be replaced, return o
  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. Try and stay strong and condolences to your entire family
  3. This is a message board get your facts, statistics and legitimate insight out of here the only thing that matters is the opinion of our whiniest fans who are bitter about a loss. Clearly having another corner will allow our LBs to cover better and our other Defensive linemen besides Abe to get pressure and our young safeties to learn the advanced pass patterns of the NFL despite their minimal playing experience. Yes Aso will change this despite the fact that it was neither of our starting CBs who were targeted in that game so we have to bench the only two players on the field who did their job
  4. The anger, depression, and bargaining with God happened starting on that first int and carried through the entire game. Then denial kicked in Saturday night as I dreamed we had actually committed the greatest postseason comeback in history and had an NFC championship game coming. Then after that it was acceptance of our faults and a good pat on the back to GB. Also began thinking what this years off season mock would look like.
  5. I haven't heard this either but he has a connection to the area so it would kind of make sense. Would do us no good with this pass rush he can't cover the guy forever. On another note small CBs can play press to say size forces us to play off is stupid. In fact being so small it makes sense we would want to push a little then turn and run with the receiver and keep the ball away from him instead of giving ground and allowing them to get the momentum necessary to break the tackle before the CB even makes it to the WR.
  6. Plan for improved Falcons 2011 1. Improve Tackling technique this should be first and foremost this was a pitiful display mobile QBs kill us because we use a poor technique once we get there on the blitz. Take outside position grab the QBs throwing arm so he has to pull it down and then wrap-up. That is the fundamental of pass rush and we absolutely do not do it. 2. Offensive Coordinator-A guy willing to open up the field the one time we tried to get the ball to Finn last night he made a play/Jenks made some plays(minus the drop)/Roddy made plays/HD was never even looked for/TG had no targets
  7. I think we need to go no huddle early and then grind it out a little. A play to watch out for Weems end around or Weems WR screen pass around the 3rd quarter. Using his toughness and shiftiness to our advantage. HD up the seam could also be a good way to attack the Packers because I think the top 3 CBs will be on Roddy/Jenks/Finn and Gonzo covered by Collins. This means Weems/HD/Peele/Palmer/Ovie/Snelling will be able to have big games if utilized properly in the passing game. Snelling and Turner should be able to run over this Packers front because they are fast, but they can be pushed arou
  8. 34-28 ATL with lots of Bayless/Dilfer tears along the way
  9. I want to see the reverse pass at least once Weems on the reverse say in the divisional round to show him on the reverse. Then in the NFC championship or superbowl pull out a WR reverse pass and try and hit Roddy deep. Weems speed will draw in the safeties on a reverse and allow Roddy one on one if the corner he's locked up with is very disciplined more likely though he would be running free and the pass would not really have to be accurate. If you run this play however it should be done on first down or second and short were it is unlikely you will see the two deep zone defense. Mix in a f
  10. IS your life so truly pathetic that you had to jump on the Katrina bandwagon and join the former bagheads and then join this board just to troll us about this victory despite the fact this same team has beaten you once this season and without two uncharacteristic fumbles would have swept you. You get one win and you join another teams board just to talk crap but your 16 posts tells me you were way to scared to talk before you won. You have no pride or self-respect and your truly pathetic. If we win next week I can assure you I won't be joining any panthers boards and no matter how many times
  11. In this scenario we would get the Packers if they win or the winner of St. Louis/Buccs. As the one seed we get the weakest opponent that survives the first playoff weekend.
  12. The real killer was that play that Turner broke that they stopped after he passed everyone and called back on a delayed false-start. I nearly cried and the advantage of playing on the other side of the LOS helped the Cards D.
  13. I agree and I bumped you back even when I saw someone neg you. Their is a way to stop the TD celebration and it's called play some D when DEs get a sack they dance or when a LB lights someone up they fire off so when the offense scores expect that retaliation. If you do not want the embarrassment or the arrogance do not get toasted for 91 yards. This is nothing like the Jets situation that was a coach trying to hurt someone to even compare the two situations is completely illogical and totally ignorant. The coach was attacking someone defenseless Desean was letting the D know he got them good
  14. It just can not be so we could not have outscored the Saints they are better than us Trent Dilweed and Skip Brainless say so. It just can not be true if not it could mean that neither one of them is a competent sports writer.
  15. Ryan 19-1 at home should speak for itself or nearly beating the team that would become champions with Chris Redman at QB. You would think the homefield advantage and our fans would get some credit. However Bayless admits we are probably going to have home field ,but he actually thinks someone is coming into our house to beat us before the Super Bowl. He actually has it in his head that the Saints are going to come to the GA dome and win or that the Packers will do it. This clown pretty much just sold the entire home field advantage we have short as a thing of luck. As fans I think this is the
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