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  1. "She" made a thread about some random vacation she'd taken, and she did it using photos someone posted on another forum. They found out and posted about it here. "She" wasn't ever that terribly believable though.
  2. Reguardless of what this stupid test says, there's no way I could take anywhere under 500 Biebers in a fight. I mean, after I killed enough to make a fortress out of Bieber bones, it would really be downhill from there.
  3. The thing is that the "international waters" argument is a bit murky. Since Palestine isn't a legal state, Israel has somewhat of a case that their coasts are actually Israeli coasts. Still though, what were they expecting Israel to do when they tried to run the blockade? Right or wrong they had to know what they were getting into there.
  4. I don't know the specifics of it because naturally I don't work there or anything, but supposedly more than anything it was the bank looking at the numbers of the situation and freaking out that some guy owed them most of a 220k loan on a house worth 150k. I don't know what exactly they were asking him for, just that they were giving him a hard time about it.
  5. If he wanted to do that, he should have instead talked about hitting on girls from atop a balcony. It was just a really, really stupid thing to do.
  6. There is no "real" money in existence. The only way to use "real money" would be direct bartering. While gold advocates usually like to use that as a buzz word, it really has no backing in the academic world. Back on topic though, I was actually talking to a guy the other day who works in a bank about this. He was feeling pretty terrible because this one guy had taken out a loan for something like a 220k house, never missed a payment or anything, and now is getting screwed over because his house got reappraised for something like 150k and they're giving him a hard time because he now owes much
  7. The last thing I need is dye in my chicken nuggets.
  8. Probably just the fact that she somehow got in when she came here and past that every time she moved up they didn't do any checking. Figure they somehow got a working address, they used bogus SSNs (especially as when she was 10 computers weren't as widespread and they didn't exactly go around fact checking everyone), then she just was never asked for it again (although you'd assume the university would ask for it and look into it). In fact I remember years back when I graduated high school I found out when I applied for HOPE that my high school didn't even have any kind of social security numb
  9. As surprising as it is, I'm going to have to call total BS on this one. Here's my major issue with this story: People are pulling the "Well she's working so hard and doing so well to be successful" card because she's in college and is Americanized and such. But if we're playing the "well it's ok if you're illegal but you do well for yourself" card, where do we stop? To some people, some random construction worker who works 12 hard hours a day and takes pride in putting in a days worth of hard work building things is also successful. And I'm sure plenty of them have been sent back to mexico des
  10. That's the giant elephant in the room. Military spending is by far the biggest portion of federal funding. A 1% cut would yield something like 8 billion dollars.
  11. Your soul is 2/3 of the way ripped out then. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  12. Apparently his plan is for her to eat all of the conservative justices.
  13. I haven't read either book, but I know the best watch on evolution I've seen is this: Remember when they had the big textbook evolution sticker controversy in Cobb years back? This is a lecture the Brown professor who wrote the book gave on basically why there's so much pseudoscience around evolution/intelligent design and how it stacks up credibility wise versus other theories (and intelligent design). Of course it's geared towards the specific evolution/intelligent design textbook debate, but it's got a lot of good points for evolution in general. He also briefly touches on the concept of
  14. Whats crazy to me is that he did it with a bolt action rifle... meaning he had to take his sights off to load another round in then put it on target a second time from a mile and a half away in time to take out the second guy. Dude lined up a mile and a half shot that quickly... crazy.
  15. If it's high now, it won't be for long.
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