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  1. I'm not complaining or speaking on any kind of personal level here, I'm just trying to help. All that I'm saying is that there were a few posts of people worrying about the validity of it, and I just suggested that one way to help combat that conception would be to post the amount actually in the paypal account so you know that he hasn't collected 3000 dollars yet is only declaring 1500 dollars. Not that I'm personally accusing him like I said, I'm just trying to throw out ideas that might help bring some validity to this.
  2. This is just a thought, but maybe if people are hesitant it might help to to post screenshots of the amount in the actual account (with personal information blacked out of course). Of course it wouldn't really guarantee the money will go to the right hands, but I guess it would at least ease peoples minds that the money is being accounted for correctly.