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  2. Hey All, Was watching JRIB today and saw the promo that tomorrow's guest will be our very own Head Coach Mike Smith. Didn't see this posted anywhere, so I thought I would share.
  3. Ok, maybe this hasn't occured to anyone else, but if we went 8-8 and win the Super Bowl, then wouldn't our final record be 12-8?? Last time I did the math, that would put us over .500 as well as put an end to the streak of non-BTB winning seasons. Am I wrong??
  4. Hey All, I am a longtime reader of these MB's and have always gotten a kick out of how passionate everyone is about our Falcons. I was just watching NFL Network and I heard that the Falcons/Bears game from last year will be featured on the Greatest 4th Quarters next week. Anyways, just thought I would share this info. GO FALCONS!!! BEAT THE NINERS!!!!
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