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  1. I never realized you were only 20 years old. HAHAHAHA

  2. Dude you are the coolest poster here. Your jokes are hilarious.

  3. has a bigger schwartz than you...

  4. I wonder if the 49ers went to the Super Bowl on Madden. :Whistling: Good one.
  5. ja will finish the season with zero sacks and will be cut in the offseason. he is a bust. he is averaging a whopping two tackles per game. i said it when we drafted him. it was a wasted pick. he won't have any sacks. he isn't making any impact. peppers had like 10 sacks his rookie season. ja sucks.
  6. we are going to end up picking 17th in the draft by beating these sorry teams. we will get stomped by the good teams so why even try against the bad teams? we need to tank the rest of the season for better draft position.
  7. so we go 8-8 or 7-9 and end up with the 20th pick in the draft? no way. i say tank the next 7 games and move up in the top 3.
  8. blame the playcalling. or the fact that receivers don't get open downfield. you all have played madden so long you have no idea how "real" football is played. most of you guys can throw an 80 yard touchdown every time you pass on madden and you expect the same in real life. it does not work that way.
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