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  1. He should have signed with the Patriots as a backup WR and got himself a ring.
  2. It's a team loss. I've said many times on this forum that you don't mess around in the super bowl. You don't let off the accelerator EVER. 25 point lead? Not big enough. I don't care if the largest lead ever overcome is 11 points. You stomp them. You run up the score like the 49ers did to the Broncos in 1990 and kill them 55-10.
  3. The Falcons at halftime are Hillary Clinton the night before the election. The 25 point lead is that ABC poll that came out with a +12 for Hillary. Everyone got cocky. No way Trump (Patriots) could win. But then it happened. Souls were crushed. It's not over til it's over. All of those threads created at halftime declaring the falcons world champions...it was stupid to brag before the final gun.
  4. Truly an embarrassment. To blow a 25 point lead in the age of the internet is disaster for all eternity. The Falcons will be forever a series of memes and jokes and the fans will never be taken seriously in any sports debate.
  5. You can place blame or make excuses all you want. I just accept reality. Nothing was going to stop Tom Brady from #5. Nothing. A 25 point lead? Tom Brady eats 25 point leads for breakfast. Chuck Norris calls Tom Brady for advice.
  6. Both times lost to QB's who are undoubtedly top 5 all time. It's hard to beat the best. If the Patriots or Broncos were a great team with Trent Dilfer or some other journeyman game manager they probably could win. But John Elway and Tom Brady? It takes a perfect 60 minutes to beat them. Not many could do it. The Falcons would need a far superior team than they had. They have good starters, but the bench lacks depth. That defense was gassed and they had nobody to give them a break.
  7. Brady threw for 450+ yards to receivers that wouldn't make the Falcons practice squad.
  8. It's Tom Brady. Falcons fans shouldn't take it so hard. Falcons lost to the greatest QB in history. He is out there throwing passes to receivers that would be practice squad on any other team and he makes it look easy. I don't believe in destiny or anything like that, but it's like I knew Brady would win #5. If you look at my posts the last few days, I kept saying it. "I don't ever count out Tom Brady." He is a machine. A surgeon. I used to think Montana was the greatest and would never be surpassed. Tom Brady just did it.
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