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  1. No thanks to Felix. Its never been a question about talent with him -- he just can't seem to stay on the field. He reminds me of what our version of what Norwood was -- had all the talent in the world, but could not stay on the field. .....But speaking of the cowboys, I kinda wish wee could've got back Laurent Robinson, he seems to finally be living up to all that potential we saw in him, and most importantly - staying healthy. Mularkey was quick to nab up LRob when he hit the market lol..good for them.
  2. Out of all teams, the 'AINTS? REALLY? smh...loyalty means little in today's game. ...I mean even with all of this bounty stuff? smh...
  3. I might be wrong, even though he's a 'midget' and "200 lbs", he's only fell forward so far this season -- and turns some plays that are nothing into something. Also I've noticed he has this ability to deliver most of the blows when taking on a tackle, instead of getting smacked every time. He really knows how to get the most out of his lack of height by turning up field and getting lower than the defender. Did anyone notice that he even hurt one of the GB or CAR safety's on a play out along to edges? The play only gained 2 or 3 yards max, and Rogers was pretty much dead to rights with 2 or 3
  4. I love what 'Spoon is doing. After that b!tch move he made on Forte not wrapping up on that screen, he seems to be flying around. I remember him practically hugging Smitty when he got off the field after that pathetic effort... But after that, he seems like he's not thinking as much, reacting, and letting his raw ability (in which we drafted him for) take over.
  5. Its crazy. I realize Baker is a former 1st round draft pick, and you just usually don't bench a player of that potential.... But what I dont understand how this dude CONTINUES makes it though a film session -- and the coaching staff CONTINUES to put him out there. Ryan is the face of our organization...and with all due respect, Baker can go kick rocks a long with Paul Boudreau and MM for not pulling, or moving him to RT (where It would still be bad, but at least Ryan can SEE the pressure) As Jedi mentioned, idk if they should pull him, because idk if the replacements are any better...but Max
  6. wow, that 1 person that survived will never be the same again. Sad, Sad story -- my prayers definitely go out to their families.
  7. who would've known this dude was so intense? This dude just sounds like a silent assassin. I can't wait for Sunday.
  8. I definitely see where the OP is coming from, but at the same time -- this is a message board. Its for the fans to Discuss and Speculate things about the team. Their just isn't enough real falcon news to converse about everyday.... Everybody knows we wont pick up every FA, but it sure does spark some different type of conversation than whats been rambled about for days already... ....jmho....
  9. I'm sorry, but I have to stick up for the Fitzpatrick. I really enjoyed watching him play (ofcourse whenever ATL wasn't playing) last year especially during the middle of the season when they played teams like Pitt and Baltimore. I use to always catch the tail end of games when they were playing contenders against teams like Baltimore, Pitt, and Chicago -- and Fitzpatrick would literally put the team on his back through the end of the games. Now did they win most of those games? No. But it wasn't nearly Fitzpatrick's fault. Here, take a look at this game from last year.. http://www.youtube.
  10. It's funny people keep bringing this topic up. During the 3rd or 4th quarter Charles Davis was asked by the host if the teams really cared about winning. Charles went on the say that it wasn't necessarily about wins and losses, but about the men on the field fighting for their jobs. We were on defense and he mentioned Shann and how he was on of those people Unlikely to make the squad because of the depth and how R. Bush has played well, also going on to say that the guys out there just can't make plays anymore, but they have to stand out. Literally, during his explanation, Shann makes a big h
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