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  1. Speaking of Grimes, has anyone seen Miko's tirade against the NFL? It's a classic. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/24997770/brent-grimes-wife-rips-nfl-as-anti-women-shady-and-corrupt I don't advocate violence against women, but Brent needs to cut her f*cking fingers off.
  2. I have my helmet on. Romo, do you have your helmet on? No, you are holding the clipboard...
  3. Interwebz feelings.
  4. Have hive sop dap.
  5. Outrunning, outhustling, outplaying the Thunder.
  6. Kick Dimitroff to the curb and hire Ferry? I kid, I kid.
  7. They remind me a lot of the 2003-04 Detroit Pistons. They don't have the shot blocker like the Pistons did with Ben Wallace, but they play just as good of, if not better, team defense. And I think the bench is a lot deeper on this Hawks team.
  8. This team is hungry.
  9. I can't fault the Braves for trading any of those three guys. Heyward just never brought it on the offensive side of the ball, Upton was serviceable, but no way irreplaceable, and Gattis was a man without a position.
  10. Oops, Actually I meant your avatar.