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  1. Why does everyone on this board have to drag one player down to pump another player up?
  2. Wow you guys are a bunch of crybabies lmao
  3. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, truly I do, but I'm sure Vic let up because he didn't want to end up getting a roughing the passer call against him. I can't blame Vic for that, I blame the increasingly soft rules of the NFL for him missing that sack.
  4. I love Antonio because he came from a small school in Michigan. I'm from Michigan. It helps us feel like even when we are at the bottom, we can all achieve much more. But, I'm an Atlanta Falcon fan. I went through the 1999 Super Bowl where Eugene Robinson solicited a hooker the night before the biggest game of his life. I went through the 28-3 collapse. I went through Julio holding out for more money, and dropping passes. Julio is great, but DeAndre Hopkins is the greatest receiver in the NFL. Julio, prove me wrong. Then get paid.
  5. Remember that game against the Colts? That catch he made against triple coverage?
  6. 41. What was that rhyme that Andre spit on TLC's album? Remember that one?
  7. If you mean we are both from Michigan, yes sir.
  8. It's only early if you went to sleep last night. I stand by what I said.
  9. Deion actually won three Super Bowls single handed. He won the Superbowl for the Niners, then went to Dallas and won them a couple more.
  10. Deion covering Rice?
  11. One year with Rice at his prime? So I get Prime Time covering him? I'll take that match up 100 times out of 100. I'll live, fight, and die with that black on black any day of my life.
  12. I'll agree to disagree. Because I have respect for you.
  13. You'd be surprised what characters, given the right situation and the right timing, can do with each other.
  14. To this day, defense still wins championships. And if these kids, and yes, they are kids, stick together, and realize that they have enough money to throw a dollar at a homeless man and change that mans life, then these kids can do something special.
  15. Got smoked by Tampa's defense.
  16. I think he is a fantastic receiver. I'm ATL true blue. Or red. Whatever rag you wear.
  17. Thank you, kind sir.
  18. Ride the bench for three years and invest wisely. Also catch you an insta model. Double tap. lmao
  19. I'll agree to disagree. Look at Hopkins' quarterbacks and look at the terrible offensive lines in the complete history of the Houston Texans.
  20. Joe knew how to throw it to him. Joe knew how to put the touch on those passes, or throw the bullets when he had to pull out the six shooter. The game is much different now. Matt and Julio are on the same page. How many millions can one man spend, to live comfortably. Julio isn't worried about his millions. He's set for life. That is just fan speculation. No matter what any of these football players make, even if it's the league minimum, they are set for life. In ONE YEAR. They make more than an average working person. They are already getting paid, but bring us our trophy.
  21. I'd love to have a conversation with Mr. Rice. A receiver when going across the middle would get your face erased.
  22. @Jesus If his foot holds up, Julio will be the greatest receiver in NFL history, just based on numbers. But DeAndre Hopkins is actually a much better receiver than he is. If he wants that money, I dare Julio to prove me wrong.
  23. He gave up an eighty yard touchdown to Rod Smith in our game. That's what I meant.
  24. Buy in or get out.
  25. Mods, kill the video sigs, other than that, it's a brotherhood.