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  1. I think Quinn found his Sherman in Sheffield. To be continued.
  2. I like Sherman. He walks his talk. Gotta respect that.
  3. I live in Holland, Michigan. Kirk Cousins was the quarterback at a local Holland school. Kirk Cousins was, what, 0-9 in primetime games? So I just want to say, thank you, Kirk Cousins, and thank you, Minnesota Vikings, for making sure the ******* New Orleans Saints did not win the Super Bowl this year.
  4. If you have anything to do with the Falcons, you hate the Saints as much as you love the Peregrines. If not... please refer to the title of this thread.
  5. If you think Brady is gonna end his career with a pick six, you are sadly mistaken. Brees and Peyton wasn't dominant. His yards record was mostly in garbage time. Up by 40 or down by 40, they were still throwing the ball. Stats can be skewed. He ain't no Dan Marino.
  6. I'm gonna say this right now. If we pick Etienne up, he would be our Kamara. Or Bush. When the Saints were good, they had that back that could do one cut and go, or catch screen passes.
  7. Southside when we ride, come equipped with game. You claim to be a player, but the birds picked you off twice, Debo sealed your fate, now your thirty-thirty for life.
  8. Nice.
  9. ....on down the street.
  10. Goodbye-o State.
  11. That's my point. Why make the same mistake twice.
  12. Don't look now, but we got us a game.
  13. Dude can't catch a cold butt naked in a blizzard, nor can he pick up the blitz.
  14. Roll with the rookies, they look good when on the field. So then you got a guard position to fill. Keep Mack. He's definitely not as good as he was the Super Bowl year, but his knowledge is invaluable. If the rooks stud out, then they will be able to help cover Macks' deficiencies. But I think one more year of Mack would really help the line get together.
  15. It's hilarious because everyone was ready to run Shanahan out of town after his first season too.
  16. That's not entirely the problem. The problem, and our downhill slide, started with the PSL's.
  17. Blank and the PSL's are to blame... For all of it.
  18. It's crazy to think about building for the future, instead of just building for one year. i.e. Rams last year. Or the Eagles on their Super Bowl run. The instant gratification is strong, but a dynasty is only one step away. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  19. He always gets abused. The picks were sexy last year, but he's not disciplined.
  20. Especially when they are inbred, which this kid obviously is.
  21. Not resigning Dwight Freeney.
  22. I'd suggest putting it back in the box.
  23. Quinn won't get fired. Dimitroff will.
  24. Some random dude with a blog complaining about everything. Seems legit to me.