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  1. They won't win it in our stadium. That would have been a death knell to the franchise.
  2. Try watching actual football without the emotion in it. The Browns defense came to play today. Take it as a blessing and a lesson.
  3. Both.
  4. Win or lose, Hooper's TD catch was awesome.
  5. I think Allen just lost his job.
  6. Take the fact we lost both starting safties, our starting middle linebacker, both starting guards, and our starting running back away, and tell my why we are struggling right now. I swear you guys will reach for any reason possible to tear this front office apart.
  7. Look in the mirror, say, 'Candyman' five times, and find out.
  8. The man paid his debt to society. He did the crime, he did the time. He learned from his mistakes, and changed his life around. The only people that have problems with that, are the holier than thou crowd, who act like they don't have a padlock on the closet hiding all their skeletons.
  9. Uhhh they lost. So I guess it's still the same dude.
  10. I just hope he can pass block. Because he can't.
  11. Glad to know he's vital to the offense. My silly you know what thought he played defense. The more you know.
  12. That's why you don't get paid to think about it.
  13. When I get old and senile someone just take me out back and shoot me. I don't want to live like this.
  14. We might need to put a Holt to this before it gets outta hand.