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  1. He definitely does it on purpose. Most likely to spite the Georgia fans that comment about it every week lol.
  2. "Now I can go to bed disappointed instead of spending the whole day pissed" "Nationally televised execution.....awesome!!" "This is just sickening what ESPN is doing to Tennessee. No reason for this to be the top game, ESPN want TN to be humiliated on national TV. There is blood in the water and ESPN is trying to televise the kill." "I feel like if we can keep this within 9 TDs that’s something to build on"
  3. The comments on this tweet are hilarious!
  4. Great to get a Top 10 win at home! Imagine how the game might have been if Simmons doesn't muff the fair catch...and we still almost made a goal line stand! We have a lot to work on during the bye week, but we survived our first real test.
  5. I wish I was going to be in Athens for this game, but definitely not paying for those tickets and I can only imagine how much fun getting a parking spot would be lol. I may watch it at The Battery with some friends though.
  6. Poor Kentucky lol. Florida definitely with a struggle win though.
  7. I wonder how Florida vs. Tennessee will go down next week...
  8. Maybe should have gone for it on 4th down...
  9. Dan Mullen just letting Kentucky run down the clock lol
  10. I don't know if I would want my Kicker named Chance Poore lol
  11. PLEEEEEEEASE let Florida lose to Kentucky again LOL
  12. I was definitely impressed by some of the players on Arkansas St. We definitely could have scored more and I think we underestimated some of their players on defense. We have our biggest test so far next week and we need to make sure we execute in all 4 quarters and take care of business.
  13. It's gonna be a rough year for Tech lol. No, but seriously, they have A LOT to work on. This season will be a lot of growing for them and building for the future. They should be better next year. Still, being the first ACC win for The Citadel...ouch lol.
  14. Even with a big lead at half-time, you know CKS yelled at the defense about the mistakes in the first quarter.
  15. I had a feeling they were going to miss the FG the way they were rushing the snap with no timeouts left. Let's keep it going in the 2nd half! Go Dawgs!
  16. Man some of y'all were really freaking out at the beginning of this game. Yes, Nichols St. all cmon man. Seeing naked Uga is still weird lol.
  17. tough loss for Army, I was hoping they would pull off the upset.
  18. wow, Michigan survives with a strip sack and recovery lol
  19. Wow, 3 and out for Michigan. Made the FG.
  20. Wow that kick looked like it was going to go wide right on the XP lol 21-21 , now for 2OT.
  21. Yeah, I think Michigan is better off throwing the ball right now.
  22. TD Army!
  23. Definitely a trend for sure.
  24. Wow, offsides on Michigan on what would have been 3rd down for Army