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  1. 11 minutes ago, LawDawg said:

    I've never seen so much excitement for an above average QB. But then again, he's better than what we've got as this moment.


    I believe the excitement comes as a knee jerk reaction after Fromm announced his departure. Yes it's early and we can only speculate at this point how Newman will do. He is getting everything upgraded for him as far as O-line and weapons around him and miles better of a defense than he had at Wake. With his skill set, and more QB depth behind him than Fromm had, I believe Kirby will turn him loose.

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  2. "Now I can go to bed disappointed instead of spending the whole day pissed"

    "Nationally televised execution.....awesome!!"

    "This is just sickening what ESPN is doing to Tennessee. No reason for this to be the top game, ESPN want TN to be humiliated on national TV. There is blood in the water and ESPN is trying to televise the kill."

    "I feel like if we can keep this within 9 TDs that’s something to build on"


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  3. I was definitely impressed by some of the players on Arkansas St. We definitely could have scored more and I think we underestimated some of their players on defense. We have our biggest test so far next week and we need to make sure we execute in all 4 quarters and take care of business.