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  1. Even though my team didn't make the playoffs. I'll take a moral victory that my team scored the most points out of everyone last week lol.
  2. Petrino to Tennessee would not surprise me at all. However I give Petrino maybe 3 years before he ends up somewhere else.
  3. Physical reps? or leadership reps?
  4. Can someone please tell me what the crap a “leadership rep” is???
  5. Mark Schlabach ‏@Mark_Schlabach 9h 9 hours agoRemember: Three years from now, there's a chance one of your 2-stars will be an All-American and one of your 5-stars will be at Louisville True stuff is the funniest stuff.
  6. Apparently CMR has been playing Rocky Top in practice all week. Good Lord I would hate that lol.
  7. So why is he picking against us versus Tennessee?? Did he pick LSU to win last week? But yeah I agree with you, analysts are supposed to be neutral, Gary just likes to add himself onto the latest bandwagon.
  8. haha, thanks Sac. Have you heard anything from Fantrax about where to find the projected points?
  9. Sac, you had more points than me by .25 :P thankfully I didn't play you last week. I hope that we don't have to pick 36 games every weekend because that was painful with the confidence points on college pick'em. Also, how do you see your projected points on the fantrax sight? I can't find how to do that.
  10. I forgot to set my confidence points in the college pick'em league. Otherwise I'd be doing pretty well. Fail. lol
  11. For college or NFL? Sorry, it's a bit hard to keep up with lol.
  12. Where is the NFL fantasy football league? I don't know if i'm in that one or not.
  13. nothin better than football season! :D